How to force the woman to fall in love

How to force the woman to fall in love

In spite of the fact that demographic statistics in ours a camp makes against women, in the choice of the partner they remain very choosy. Not any man tries to obtain from the woman of reciprocity. How to succeed in this field and to get to fall in love that lady who possesses your heart?


1. For communication with the woman choose to yourself role of the reliable man on whom it is always possible to rely and which is ready to undertake the solution of her problems. If you are able really to help with a difficult situation, it you very much win over the darling. It is known that the female love often begins with gratitude.

2. Make an impression at the woman that she in something falls short of you. For example, if your lady smokes, and you do not, notice that smoking - an addiction. Other example: if you are sporty, and the lady of your heart does not favor fitness, tell her that if she finds time for sport, her beauty will remain longer. However, make such remarks unostentatiously and half in jest. Your purpose is to cause desire to imitate you, to try to keep step with you in the woman. Absolutely remarkably, if you are able to inspire in the ladylove admiration.

3. Watch yourselves. Times when the man had to correspond to the parameters "it is mighty, vonyuch and is hairy" passed, but also metrosexuals who care and cherish themselves excessively, involve very few ladies. From the female point of view everything that is required from the normal man in appearance – to look clean and accurate.

4. If you cannot brag of special beauty, do not worry – for women it almost does not matter. It is much more important that you supported tightened the figure: did not gain excessive weight, and, above all, did not let grow "a beer tummy".

5. Do not give to the woman all depth of the feelings ahead of time. Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin told about it: "The we love less woman, the easier she like us". Play a role of the good friend, you will not feel yet that the woman is in love or feels attraction to you.

6. If the friendship period too dragged on, use a trouble-free method. Pretend that fell in love with another. Women very much do not like to miss men from a circle of the admirers. In such situation the lady herself, most likely, will touch all your advantages and will inspire in herself that she fallen in love you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team