How to force to be jealous the husband – effective councils for women

How to force to be jealous the husband – effective councils for women

If the spouse forces you to be jealous, repairing the computer to the nice colleague or giving a ride to her home after work, then hardly you will be able to admit it directly and to ask not to do any more it. In that case the best way to point out to it inadmissible behavior is to cause jealousy of the man! Thanks to several reliable ways it is possible to achieve that the husband in a new way will look at you and will understand that he did wrong.

If you have children, then not every way to you will suit. Therefore it is better for women who already have kids to use other methods.

We cause jealousy of the man – councils for those who have no children

If you did not get children yet and did not get stuck in motherhood and house problems, then to you it will be much simpler. There are several ways how to force to be jealous the husband which will suit you:

  • secret provocation;
  • provocation;
  • open provocation.

Of course, the best way to provoke jealousy at the husband is to push him to it. But it is necessary to operate on the initial stage very accurately. Here the mobile phone can become your assistant.

When you talk on mobile, always leave the room, and it is even better – be closed in the bathroom or in kitchen. No matter, who calls you, the main thing is to create a secret aura around your conversation. Thus, the jealous husband will decide that you have from him secrets, and the doubt will lodge in his soul.

Be careful, do not write a sms about the secret provocations to girlfriends. The husband can read them. If he does not know number of your girlfriend, rename her in the telephone directory, having left initials or having signed with a name on which it is impossible to define a sex, for example, "Marrying" or Sasha. She can write you some ambiguous message which will also cause jealousy. For example: "Have a good time, it will be necessary to repeat!".

But if the husband is not reached by the hidden signals, it is possible to start the second part of the plan. Begin to communicate only with men. It can be schoolmates, colleagues, neighbors and other. Ask someone from them to help you. For example, to inform of a bag the house, to repair the crane, to adjust the tablet. At the same time tell about everything to the husband that he understood that not the only man near you.

But if it did not help, then it is necessary to begin to work openly. Begin to visit the gym, a sunbed, beauty shop, buy a new dress. Begin to look after yourself that the husband saw that you without the objective reasons became much better to look. If he calls you, then do not take the call at once, let will decide that you have affairs it is more important than its call.

Well, and to wake jealousy at most "resistant", begin to come home with "gifts". A bouquet of roses "from the admirer", the lovely soft toy or a bottle of perfume will definitely not be able to leave indifferent any man.

How to force to be jealous darling – councils for those who have children

Only at first sight it seems that it is more difficult to that who has children to cause jealousy of the husband. You can resort to a way of provocation in the same way.

Only in your case be engaged in "little flirtation" with other men. It can be actors of children's theater, trainers of a circle where your child goes.

The loving husband will not allow that his wife discussed achievements of the child with the trainer behind a cup of coffee. Therefore he will surely tell you about it, and it means that you achieved the desirable objective.

To remember the most important that in everything it is necessary to know when to stop. Too energetic actions can raise real doubts at the husband that will lead to scandal or even a divorce! Little flirtation and hints will help you to cause jealousy of the man which will help to kindle a passion fire in your couple again!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team