How to force to be jealous the lover

How to force to be jealous the lover

The jealousy is hasty, rough and is often pernicious. However it does not mean at all that the woman does not want to feel from time to time that she is jealous. There is a considerable quantity of ways to cause jealousy of the lover.


1. Let darling know that besides him in your life there are also other men, friends, for example, or fellow workers. Try to speak with them by phone at its presence. You can even dare to poflirtovat a little, at friends it is so accepted, and in it there is nothing outstanding.

2. One more trick connected with telephone communication - to come out the room in which there is your beloved to answer a call. Be sure, it very will guard him. If not at once, then a little later, he begins to find out to whom and for what reason you prefer to talk in a private situation.

3. Closely approach a question of your appearance. Buy more cosmetics, clothes and footwear. Do not forget to flaunt more often in front of the mirror, it is desirable at it in sight. First, it is a great way to struggle with bad mood for you, secondly, your man will begin to ask a question of that for whom you smarten up.

4. Take every time for the rule not to rush to phone at full speed, as he calls. Wait, let he will work in order that to phone to you. Every time without results dialing your number, he will invent all new and new justifications to never-ending long beeps. You even should not make special efforts, believe, his rough imagination will make everything for you.

5. To force your man to be jealous, go about the own business, not related more often. The essence is in that you began to see each other as seldom as possible. You can devote time, free from it, to gym, fitness, yoga, books, the museums, walks with girlfriends, housework, eventually. The main thing is to let it know that you are too busy constantly to be near it, and you will not begin to give up all affairs on its first requirement.

6. One more way to cause jealousy of the man - a praise to his friends. It is possible to sing the praises as in the company of friends, and alone with darling. Having been jealous of the friend, he will cease to insist that you need to try to find with it a common language as they are close friends and so on. Therefore before starting reception realization, responsibly approach the choice of an object of admiration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team