How to force to miss

How to force to miss

Sometimes you need to know that the person dear to you, misses you, even when you are absent nearby. But to force to miss - it is really difficult and demands many efforts. There are several ways of behavior which will help you to remain constantly in thoughts of the person, without causing irritation.

It is required to you

  • Strategic mentality
  • Sense of humour


1. First of all, to force the person to miss, you have to disappear from his life for some time. If all of you time nearby, do not miss you. Therefore even if it is difficult, be convinced that you give to the person whom you want to force to miss, there is enough time and space that he managed to realize that it is necessary for it that you were near.

2. All the time be busy. When you talk to the partner, in response to a question of that next time, what do you do, just tell about all ridiculous and cheerful things which happened to you recently. First, you will show that you the interesting person, and secondly, will show that your life is full of events. After that your elect will need only to think of as far as you the interesting personality and to think that it would be advisable to spend time with you more often.

3. When you together, ask about pleasant memories. For example tell: "Do you remember when we went to the beach and made this sand castle there?" or "And as you ridiculously juggled with a kiwi in shop!". It is not necessary to remind constantly of what happened in the past, will seem differently that nothing happens in the present. But, nevertheless, reminders on the pleasant moments of joint pastime will set him thinking on that how many good at you was. Besides he will remember for certain these cheerful stories, even when you will not be nearby.

4. Just be soul of the company, it is the simplest to miss that with whom it is always cheerful and joyful. If you with the partner have constantly a good time, then he will miss you anyway.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team