How to forget darling if she is pregnant

How to forget darling if she is pregnant

Parting with the beloved brings to the woman a lot of pain. Especially difficult happens to forget the person if you carry under heart of his kid, and then you raise your general child.


1. Remember that your bad mood is transferred to the kid. Therefore try not to be focused on parting with the beloved. How it was sore, you had a person for whom you have to care as early as many years, - your child. Appearance of the kid will forever save you from loneliness. Quicker to forget the man, distract from thoughts of it and be engaged in the kid and yourself.

2. Think of the child. You will have a kid soon – the person who will love you, despite everything. Several years you will be for it the center of the Universe. Be prepared for a meeting with the main person of your life. Make the list of things which need to be bought. You go on children's shops. Equip the children's room. Pleasant efforts will distract you from sad thoughts of darling.

3. Make the financial plan. Any time after the birth of the kid you will not be able to work. Count the savings, make the forecast of expenditure. Consider what sums of grants have to pay to you at work, and what in bodies of a social security. If this money lasts for the next 2-3 years, you can not worry about your financial position. Otherwise you should find earnings online. Thus you will be able to work, without leaving the house.

4. Take care of the own life. Attend concerts, performances, the museums and exhibitions to which you were going to go long ago. At cinema choose cheerful simple films. In good weather walk as much as possible. Read works by favourite authors. Also you can acquire the books devoted to care for the newborn, education and development of the child. When you have a kid, there will practically be no time left for all this.

5. Meet friends. You spend time cheerfully and try not to remain for a long time alone that thoughts of the beloved did not capture you. You can also find new girlfriends on the websites and in the communities devoted to pregnancy and children. Often after acquaintance on the Internet of the woman meet in real life. So you will find with whom to discuss the issues related to the kid, and further, perhaps, and your children will become friends.

6. Report to darling about the situation. Even if you left, he has to know that he will become a father soon. The father and the kid have the right to communicate with each other even if the relations between parents ended.

7. Several years you will be able to devote yourself only to the kid, without being distracted by care of the man. Do not despair. Further you can meet the man who will fall in love with you and will become the child the real father.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team