How to forget the great love

How to forget the great love

The love is that emotion which is capable to make really us happy. It gives sense, feeling of boundless enthusiasm, ease and confidence. When we love, for us there is nothing unreal, we readily make difficult decisions and we pull up trees. But the love is capable to make also opposite impact, it can be and meek. In that case it humiliates us, weakens and enslaves, it with ease can crush us, cast into the abyss of sufferings, doom to eternal sincere cacophony. Lyubov is imperious to make suddenly you by everything and to reduce immediately to nothing.

It is required to you

  • Time, is kind of banal it did not sound. But time nothing in itself if there is no true desire to forget about the past.


1. As soon as you leave, the first that needs to be made is to burn all the boats which once provided you a possibility of communication. Change the phone number and take other measures for elimination of opportunities to come across the one who wished to become for you past. If you had any favourite places for walks, restaurants, cafe or clubs - stop to visit them. It is better for you, in general, whenever possible, not to be where you were together where felt happy, at least until you are precisely sure that finally recovered from your dependence.

2. Get rid of everything that reminds you of last love, whether it be the photo, cards, gifts, music which you together enjoyed, clothes which and remained with you. As at many people the associative memory is very developed, in such cases advise to change everything in a root, up to own perfume as the memory of smells, as a rule, is kept long enough. For certain you faced that any given smell suddenly recovered in your memory the forgotten pictures of the events developing in the past against the background of this smell long ago. For the same reason it is necessary to change musical and cinema preferences. Otherwise, you constantly will be in epicenter of own emotions. Musical and video maintenance from the past will lead only to the fact that you will begin to experience every time former emotions, this process can last for years.

3. Distract from depressive moods. You leave with friends more often somewhere. Fill up something yours free time now, practice, for example, yoga or sport, dances, the fine arts, the photo, options a never-ending set. The main thing, as seldom as possible to remain alone because at these moments you are most vulnerable. But the best option is not to be obsessed with the unfortunate relations and a zalizyvaniye of the wounds got during them, and to fall in love with other person with a new force. The person in love has full authority to claim: ""I love, therefore, I exist!"". Love and be loved!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team