How to forget the person who is pleasant

How to forget the person who is pleasant

Unfortunately, the sympathy not always is mutual. Kind of you tried, but to sweetheart to yourself does not leave. Just it is necessary to forget the person who is pleasant. To forget at all it will hardly turn out, and here to suppress uncontrollable inclination or attachment after all it is possible.

1. For a start sort out yourself what feelings are caused in you by this person whether it inflicts on you suffering. Perhaps, this physical inclination or just slight love? Thirst to possess or dependence? And also the set of several factors can. Analyze the feelings.

2. Think of the fact that the person who is pleasant to you, actually same, as well as all others, and not so "warm and fuzzy". Look around, near you there are also other people, perhaps, someone from them like you, and he also tries to achieve reciprocal feeling.

3. Stop to look for any ways of contact with that person, remove it from the pages on social networks, erase the phone number, forget its e-mail. You do not call him and do not write. You should not impose the society, it you will achieve nothing. Besides, if you often see it, then your feelings will die away very slowly therefore it is better to stop communicating with mutual friends. Especially as you will constantly have a desire to ask at them on it.

4. If you had any objects reminding of this person get rid of them. Irrespective of whether soft it is a toy or just the photo. Think of the reasons of your attachment. What it is pleasant to you in the person? Whether often you in memory revive light pictures which lasted only some moments? Begin to live in the present. You strike up new acquaintances, communicate with people, attend parties, clubs. Try to spend as little as possible time alone alone with the thoughts.

5. Reconcile to the fact that you will never have relations with this person. Amuse yourself with hope that he will understand the mistakes over time, will estimate your reverent attitude to it and at last will honor you with the attention. It never happens. Do not visit public places where he often is, you bypass them.

6. Take care of the own life, change hair color and a hairstyle, update clothes, begin to visit the pool, register in gym. Avoid fatigue and boredom, do favorite thing or communicate with friends. You will not even notice how you will quickly forget the person who is pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team