How to forgive parents

How to forgive parents

Opposition of younger and senior generation can be observed not only in novels by the famous writers, in pictures of favourite artists, but also in our modern life. Sometimes in families it happens so that the closest and dear people stop communication among themselves, are for a long time separated. It is difficult to change current situation and to forgive parents, but it is just necessary. Restoration of the relations – process not fast.


1. Remember the lightest moments related to parents, with your childhood. Say goodbye to anger, disappointment. Open gas, look around, and you will see how a great number of children and parents walk on the park, shop. All have quarrels, but there are also ways of resolution of conflict. Kind of heavy it was, but you should build up the relationship with parents in a new way.

2. Sort out yourself. Do not justify the acts at all. Find in yourself courage to recognize the mistakes. To pretend that nothing occurred - it is not an exit. It is much simpler to ask forgiveness for those to whom you are really guilty, than to sit and pout.

3. Try to understand the deep reason of offense at parents. Stock up with patience and a step, take the first step and talk confidentially. If in your family the trust is destroyed, then efforts of both parties are necessary for its restoration. Begin a conversation with self-criticism, and then ask about their offenses. That your explanations were heard, inform of a key part of the problem in clear language. Admit to parents that behaved incorrectly, it is perhaps unfair that did not appreciate their participation in the life. Do not forget also about own wishes to them. Keep self-respect, but not arrogance is a pledge of an optimum peace exit from a conflict situation. Do not show the independence. Ask parents to be frank with you and to hide nothing.

4. If you cannot independently cross the arrogance, but very much want it, address the family psychologist. The conversation with the professional will help to take the initiative, will teach to learn itself and will lower from heaven on the earth. You will understand that life is senseless without parents, without communication with them. With its help you will listen to call of heart and will follow it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team