How to forgive the person who betrayed you

How to forgive the person who betrayed you

Hotly darling, dear friend, the close relative – whoever betrayed you – it is very sick. To understand and forgive, time is necessary. But the person who faced treachery once becomes very circumspect in the future.


1. Do not constrain feelings. The person who betrayed you has to understand how many he hurt you and that is felt by you. If he regrets for the offense, then will be ready to listen to you so much how many it is necessary. You remember, it is better to state the most intimate now, than then to return to this difficult subject.

2. Try to understand. Some prefer not to discuss the incident at all and just mentally forgive the person. But if you do not analyze a situation at once, then then will involuntarily remember it and every time and to doubt. Therefore think over why so occurred what on that there were reasons and circumstances. There is a basic difference between prudent treachery and rash actions which are caused by a number of spontaneous circumstances. Honest self-examination can show that perhaps partly and on you the share of fault for the incident lies though it does not soften an act of betrayed at all.

3. Decide on actions. If you feel that you will be able to forgive the person, but time for this purpose is necessary, then accurately designate what factors I will help you to endure the incident, and tell it to a guilty party – so you will act together in one direction. And if you are not ready to forgive, or pain is so severe that now you are not able to make similar decisions, then do not hide the feelings and tell about them.

4. Distract from a situation. The solution of this difficult question can oppress and destroy so inside that you lose vital forces. Do not allow that so occurred – live further, without focusing on the incident, and over time feelings will a little cease.

5. Do not become isolated. Though treachery of one person can automatically reduce level of credibility to the others, you should not give in to similar feelings. Remember that sometimes not to do without friend advice, so, you need the help and a support more than ever now earlier. Do not push away those who sincerely try to show participation and care of you.

6. Do not look back. Having adjusted on restoration and preservation of the relations, do not remember the past, and build the new future taking into account circumstances which you will not correct any more and you will not return – they can only be forgiven.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team