How to forgive treason of the husband: councils of the psychologist

How to forgive treason of the husband: councils of the psychologist

Unlike women who by the nature are monogamous the men prefer to be real "males". Even if his wife - the smart blonde with a magnificent breast, it will look around all the same "".


1. To keep the nerves, women need initially to reconcile to the fact of polygamy of men. If he stares at that beauty, then it is absolutely optional that it on her will snatch.

2. Meet, of course, and such which dare to have a bit on the side. And even if it was only once, it is not so simple to forgive. What to do in a situation of men's treason when the family means much and to disperse both partners have no desire? The woman needs to begin with what properly to think and understand itself: whether she is ready to live "on needles", being nervous and worrying even because of five-minute delay whether there will be it in any situation, even without cause to consider that it with another.

3. The first step: ponyatmuzh will be kneeling most likely to you, to sob, break to itself hands and to say that it was for the first and for the last time. Do not you for certain want to listen now to his excuses as they are silly and pathetic? But, it is better to listen. However, listen to him. You can even ask questions: who is she what she why it occurred that was pleasant to it in it and that pushes away. It will seem to you absurd, but also to you, and it will become easier for it. Besides, you will be able to leave for yourself certain "notes". For some reason he to you fooled around also something nevertheless is missing. It is important to understand what, to eliminate some defects of itself and of the relations.

4. What to do not the stoitvo-first, to shout, do it guilty of all sins and to make daily rows – you will spoil nerves and yourself, and the husband. It is also not necessary to look for "razluchnitsa", to drag her for hair and to throw with reproaches. The man do not love troublemakers, and chances that after all this he will leave, only grow. And you only wind yourself. To try to revenge. The sense to pretend that you brought the lover or someone looks after you and furthermore to do it actually? It you will only wound his self-esteem and men's advantage, and to yourself easier you will not make. To look for guilty. Nobody is guilty, so it turned out. Just accept it and never remember.

5. The second step: you will be able to prostitprostit treason only after you understand it, host the event and you will cease to be obsessed with it. To calm down and not to blame yourself, undoubtedly, it will be easier if you begin to look after yourself: procedures in beauty shops, new clothes and style. It not only will distract, but also, believe, will surprise and will interest your husband; you will become attractive and desired again.

6. It is possible to forgive treason, only if you really want it and are ready to forget. To forget, but not to postpone in a far corner that at the following scandal to get and stick the husband into it with a nose as if a playful kitten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team