How to frighten off the guy

How to frighten off the guy

When between two people the romantic relations arise, it always inspires. Whether and, of course, at this time all thoughts are busy with a question ""it like me" ", " "what to make to be pleasant even stronger"". Therefore there is several bad advice which will help you to frighten off easily pleasant guy.

1. The first that it is worth making to frighten off the guy - to be late for everything made a date with them. Of course, it is possible to dare to arrive for five minutes later. It is possible to forgive even ten-minute delay. But if you are late for bigger time, then it is an occasion to think that you are not really interested in communication with this person. Of course, there can always be force majeure in the form of traffic jams or any else problems, but in it a case surely warn the guy in advance.

2. Stop looking after yourself, you do not watch a condition of your manicure, you do not go to the hairdresser in time and badly put on, and you, undoubtedly, will be able to frighten off the pleasant guy. Often men say that they do not pay attention to details in an image of the woman, but the peeled-off varnish on nails, the grown roots of hair, not well-groomed skin and not polished footwear can play a significant role, especially at the beginning of relationship.

3. Do not listen what your guy speaks about, constantly interrupt him and talk without a stop about things which do not interest him, and it, undoubtedly, will help you to frighten off it. In detail tell about your last relations on one of the first appointments, do not give it the chance to tell about something interesting to you, and there will be very good chance that more your meetings will not repeat.

4. Do not answer calls from the guy, do not call back if he could not phone, do not respond to his messages on social networks and at a meeting justify it with the employment. Never you call him the first. It easily will help you to frighten off the guy. Never you give him gifts, do not do pleasant surprises, embrace less and kiss him, these ways will help you to get rid of interest from this man. If to show that this person is not interesting to you, it will be, perhaps, most certain way to frighten off it from itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team