How to get acquainted if the guy shy

How to get acquainted if the guy shy

: Did you meet young handsome, the man the dreams somewhere at a party, but he sits in the company of friends, shy glances at you and does not hurry to make any actions? To get acquainted with him, you should act independently, to find the necessary ways of acquaintance which will work even on the shy guy.


1. Do not you know how to get acquainted if the guy quails and does not hurry to start acquaintance to you? Most of shy young guys does not venture acquaintance to the attractive girl as are rather afraid of her refusal, caustic jokes in the address and other disappointments. Take a situation under the control, applying various ways to draw attention of the young man to the person.

2. If you are in the room, sit down on a chair, a stool or a sofa, keeping an attractive bearing, cross the legs, and then kind of accidentally begin to do up hair. The guy, even very shy, will surely pay the attention to you, but the first to approach and start talking will be afraid. Therefore, having finished touch-ups to the hairstyle, think how to address it independently and to ask the question providing consecutive not the terse answer.

3. To get acquainted with the guy, ask him something simple about what men can talk for hours, avoiding a talk about weather, literature, the nature. It is worth speaking about soccer and fishing at the time of establishing acquaintance in the last turn, you even before acquaintance to the guy cannot precisely know what place is taken by these favourite male occupations among a hobby of the young man.

4. Attentively examine the guy externally, but it is imperceptible for him, try to define a sort of its occupations quickly to pick up a suitable subject for a conversation. So, if you want to get acquainted with the shy guy in educational institution or in the yard of the university and already know at what faculty he studies, ask it to help something to you. Any normal young man, even if quails before the girl, will not refuse to help her, on the contrary, he will feel the real hero and will forget about the complexes though for a while.

5. Ask the young man to explain you the solution of a task, to find some audience, to carry out to dean's office, and all the time ask it questions to hold a conversation in the course, necessary for you. The shy guy himself also will not notice how he will cease to hesitate of you, will reveal, will strike up an easy conversation, and already in your forces to make all necessary to continue the started acquaintance.

6. Do not ask the phone number the young man, invite him on a visit to a tea cup better, without promising it anything superfluous. Perhaps, his visit to you will just be limited to a tea drinking, or perhaps will develop into more serious relations, especially if you really manage to be pleasant to the guy.

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