How to get acquainted in gym

How to get acquainted in gym

If the guy or the girl want to find to themselves couple, for this purpose it is not obligatory to be registered on the special websites or to go to night club. Gym - quite successful place for acquaintances to the attractive person leading a healthy lifestyle.


1. If you the girl and at the same time the newcomer in the hall to get acquainted with the pleasant guy for you as easy as shelling pears. Just approach and ask it to help you to orient. Most likely, he will be glad to give to you several advice, and there, perhaps, you get to talking and you will start closer communication. If you not the newcomer are also engaged already any time, it does not prevent you to ask to show technology of performance of any exercise too. If you see that the guy the beginner, do not ask him council since he can send you to the trainer. Ask to collect or disassemble the exercise machine better.

2. If the person who interested you occupied any exercise machine, you can approach and pretend that it is necessary to you too and to wait. Perhaps, having worked itself, an object of your sympathy will show willingness then to secure also you.

3. If you came to gym only for the sake of acquaintance, do not show it. Be engaged honestly. So you combine business with pleasure and, perhaps, will be involved and will become the regular customer or the visitor of the hall. If you wish to make an impression on the fan of sport, you should fall in love with physical exercises too, common interests bring together. If acquaintance is successful, you will be able to be engaged then together.

4. If you the guy also became interested in the girl, do not hurry to offer acquaintance directly directly. If the girl did not estimate you at once or hesitates, then she, most likely, will refuse, and on it everything will end. Estimate its level of sports preparation. If it obviously for the first time in gym also looks confused, approach and offer the help or council. Be benevolent, do not try to show the superiority as athlete. Then you will also be able to discuss healthy nutrition.

5. If the girl sports also does not need councils for an occasion of exercise machines and the technician, it is possible to ask, on the contrary, council her. The last is appropriate in case you still the beginner. If your level of training is approximately identical, the girl can give it a compliment, for example, concerning her bicepses. It is a good occasion to strike up a conversation. Then you can discuss how long both of you train, etc.

6. Do not miss an opportunity to make a good first impression. As people at first pay attention to appearance, try to look good. Leave at home the stretched undershirts and trousers. Buy beautiful sportswear which to you goes and emphasizes your advantages. It will also help you to feel more surely.

7. If you from the first did not exchange phones, unostentatiously take an interest on what days and how often the girl who was pleasant to you or the guy visits the hall. Otherwise there is a chance that it is your first and last meeting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team