How to get acquainted in supermarket

How to get acquainted in supermarket

Supermarket – the great place not only for commission of daily purchases, but also for acquaintance to girls. Where still it is possible not only to meet them in such quantity, but also to make preliminary opinion on economy of hypothetical future companion of life.


1. If you decided to get acquainted with the girl in supermarket, try to do it at the end of the working day or on the weekend. One of the main problems at acquaintance in shop is a limitation in time. Turns in departments and at the checkout will present to you superfluous half of hour to know each other better.

2. As soon as you noticed the girl who was pleasant to you, do not hurry to approach her at once. Observe some time her. Look at what goods she chooses in what it mood, hurries or not. Your observations will allow to think up a reason for future acquaintance

3. Try to catch sight to the darling and to meet the eyes of her. Best of all smile and look at her it is interested, but is not persuasive. If you receive though the hint on a smile in reply is a good sign.

4. Now give the chance to the girl to estimate you from far away. For this purpose you will leave towards to its trajectory of the movement, get in one line, put in the basket products similar subjects which were chosen by her.

5. Choose an opportunity and start acquaintance. Having been a row, ask accidentally: "What grade of rice best of all will be suitable for pilaf?" or "What cheese it is better to take to wine?" Your initial observations of the girl when choosing a subject will be necessary for you for a conversation. Better if you become sideways, having slightly inclined to it the head, and will be developed to the girl by all case only when it the first makes it. It will mean that the girl is located to communication and is subconsciously ready to get acquainted with you.

6. Try to pass from a subject of purchases to other subject. Give a compliment, joke. Observe reaction of the girl. If she smiles, is sociable – means you move in a right direction. Learn whether far there lives a girl, and suggest to help to carry bags home or to bring if you are driving.

7. If the girl willingly supports a conversation, most likely you are interesting to it also it not against to meet you once again. Ask for it the phone number or invite at cinema, cafe, to walk. Show that you are interested in it as in the woman, but do not go too far. You should not suggest to make a dinner together or to arise on a visit. The excessive persistence can frighten your darling and nullify all your efforts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team