How to get acquainted to people with HIV

How to get acquainted to people with HIV

The people living with HIV infection sometimes very much need support and communication heart-to-heart, and is best of all than them only the people who faced the same problem can understand therefore with the diagnosis of HIV it will be interesting to each person to learn how to get acquainted with other HIV-positive people


1. In spite of the fact that the people living with HIV infection quite often feel lonely in the disease, in fact it not so. In our society it is not accepted to disclose the HIV status therefore many HIV-positive people do not even suspect as there is a lot of same as they. A problem only in how to recognize "fellow sufferer". And here the AIDS centers come to the rescue. It is possible to strike up acquaintances of HIV directly here, sitting in line to the infectiologist. Existence of the general subject will quickly transfer dialogue to the friendly course.

2. For those who hesitate to strike up acquaintances openly at the same AIDS centers groups of mutual aid for the people living with HIV and AIDS (LZhVS) will be organized. The schedule of work of group is usually hung out directly on walls of corridors of medical institution. Any patient can come to this group. Many HIV-positive people find friends in such groups, and at times and the soulmates. In addition in groups of mutual aid the psychologists helping patients are often invited the diagnosis is accepted and to get rid of addictions.

3. At some AIDS centers, groups of mutual aid for pregnant women also work with the diagnosis HIV infection and HIV-positive mothers. Here women can communicate about the most intimate without public eyes.

4. The big scope for HIV of acquaintances is provided by social networks. On all large social networks there are special communities devoted to problems HIV/AIDS. Here it is possible not only to find friends, but also to ask the interesting questions to experts, to discuss disputed issues, to find articles and videos on the interesting subject.

5. In network there are separate forums for communication of LZhVS, here to strike up acquaintances very easily since there are separate branches on the concrete cities. Many VICh-ifitsirovannye prefer forums to social networks because here it is possible to remain incognito, and there is no probability that someone from acquaintances will accidentally glance in discussions, will see messages and learns about the diagnosis.

6. That HIV-positive people who specifically looks for the soulmate should be registered on a special dating site for LZhVS. For registration it will be necessary to fill out the questionnaire where there are questions not only on HIV, but also concerning other diseases. It is no secret that many HIV-positive people have also Hepatitis C. Thanks to filling of the questionnaire, it is possible to find the partner with just the same diagnoses, as well as at itself.

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