How to get acquainted with neighbors

How to get acquainted with neighbors

Moving to the new number is always a stress, but also and a scope for new impressions. Get good relations with neighbors can be not only it is interesting, but also it is very useful. Who else will help out you when any products or tools are not enough, it is necessary to look after the child and to discuss the latest news!


1. Try to remember neighbors in a face. It is hard in the multi-storey building, but at least neighbors in the floor need to be known. When you meet them in the elevator, always greet and smile. Further they will begin to greet you in reply.

2. Be friendly. Begin a conversation, but do not wait until you about something are asked. Modern citizens are people reticent and mostly closed. So you should show an initiative. But people reach for positive and open interlocutors therefore, most likely, will not refuse communication. You start a conversation on subjects close to neighbors: about children if neighbors have them, about a pet or about lack of hot water.

3. Remember names of neighbors. For the person there are no sounds better, than own name therefore will treat you more favourably if you know how the person is called, and address it at a meeting on a name.

4. Appeal. If you moved recently or do repair in the apartment, it can be used to strike up acquaintance with neighbors. You walk round apartments and try to borrow something for a while. For certain you do not have enough some tools: drills, step-ladders. Politely ask them for neighbors – someone surely will have a subject necessary to you. After you return it, it is possible not only to thank neighbors in words, but also to present a small gift, say, to bake or buy pie, to invite to tea or beer.

5. Offer the help. The elderly person can suggest to descend behind products or drugs, to young mother – to sit with her kid or to hold a door in an entrance before a carriage, - to help the woman with bags. It will not make your neighbor obliged to you, but will precisely adjust your relationship. From now on you will be able to talk more warmly at a meeting.

6. If you have unnecessary things, it is yet not an occasion to throw out them, especially if a thing good. Or you have too big harvest of fruit and vegetables, and there is no place to put it. Try to offer unnecessary things or a harvest to neighbors, for certain someone will agree to take. But even if is not present, you will have an extra reason to stick acquaintance and to be to your useful neighbors.

7. Owners of apartments in houses under construction have an opportunity to meet neighbors even before moving. On social networks now practically there are always groups of houses under construction and quarters. There it is possible to find people who will live nearby and in advance to know them better and if people are pleasant, then and to strike up acquaintance. Do not refuse this opportunity, to you to live nearby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team