How to get acquainted with the child of friends

How to get acquainted with the child of friends

To be on friendly terms families, to visit and leave on the nature the big company – excellent pastime. However if your friends have a child, and you want them to see often, you need to come into contact with the little man.


1. Acquaintance to the child not too differs from acquaintance to the adult. It is unlikely you worry and in advance think over dialogues if you are told that at a party will present you someone's relative. Be yourself, be adjusted on a pleasant meeting and cheerful pastime.

2. To avoid constraint, acquaintance to the child of friends can be combined with any pleasure action: a visit of cinema on the animated movie, cafe, a zoo, a game zone. Even if between you and your young friend there will be awkward minutes when you do not know what to tell, it is always possible to find joint occupation: to be surprised to a long neck of a giraffe, to hit the next monster or to order still ice cream.

3. Do not go empty-handed – buy something for the child. It is not obligatory to spend a lot of money for a gift: the cookies box, chocolate or a small toy are also capable to please the kid. Specify at parents that their child likes to eat and what toys are pleasant to it that your gift pleased.

4. All children different. Some of them adore stirring with adults, others hesitate, prefer to be in a circle of familiar people or simply go about the own business. Do not impose to the child the society if he does not want that – communicate with his parents.

5. A key to friendship are common interests. If the kid sat down to draw, sit down nearby, take a leaf and too try to represent the mother. Watches the animated film which you also saw – tell about how you liked the main character and what moments were for you especially concerning. If on the child a blue dress, you say that you adore blue color, and houses you have a set of blue blouses. Be the understanding adult, share some interests of the child, and you will quickly find a common language.

6. If you have something what the child will be able to tell then with admiration to the friends about, take it on a meeting. Ship model, a collection of crocks which you collected during student's practice, an unclear bone which the familiar biologist defined as a part of a mammoth, seeds of an exotic plant which you brought from Thailand (taking into account that the child did not visit the same Thailand a month ago). Accompany demonstration of your treasures with the story about their history, show pictures with a mammoth, tell to what countries the ship floated. For the good story-teller the child will go all evening, and then will tell the friends for a long time about what new interesting friend at it appeared.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team