How to get acquainted with the daughter of darling

How to get acquainted with the daughter of darling

Any person has a past. The person is more senior, the it is more at him than this past. Meeting the man, the woman seldom thinks of his past. And it can have both previous marriages and children from ex-wives.

Acquaintance to the child from first marriage can become a problem. Quite often children, and especially daughters, from first marriage perceive the new wife of the father as enemy. And if the ex-wife your darling has nobody, then she also "adds fuel to the fire". Anyway, and the world in family needs to be adjusted.


Darling has to acquaint about the daughter you. If he for some reason does not do it, then business is serious. The resolutely daughter can be incited against you. It can be not sorted not up to the end out at it the relations with her mother. Anyway, it means that it concerning you has no serious intentions.

If nevertheless he decided to acquaint you, then it is necessary to be ready to any succession of events. The daughter can be polite with you, she can be ready hostilely, she can try to improve the relations. The last case is least probable, but nevertheless happens. Then you are a happy woman. In other cases it is necessary to behave correctly.

At the beginning

If the daughter is ready in relation to you cold or is even hostile, do not make overtures to her and to impose the society. Let the father communicate with the daughter, walks together with her, buys by her things, as before. If you constantly interfere with their communication, then it will end with nothing good as you will irritate her and to prevent to share such things about which she speaks only with the father. You should not fawn upon the daughter of darling, to load with presents gifts or sweets. Children perfectly feel falseness in the relation. In this case the girl can move away even more from you, will cease to respect you and will not perceive seriously. Communicate with her as equals, without allowing to use themselves. You should not do to the girl of remarks if she, in your opinion, behaves incorrectly. You do not know how she is brought up by mother. The child can only make remarks after you establish normal relationship, but not at an acquaintance stage at all. Besides, the girl has mother and the father who have to bring up her. At most, what you can make in such situation – to ask the father whether such behavior for his daughter is normal. And then it is better not to bring up the child morals, it is possible to give a friend advice only.

In case of aggression

It is not necessary to complain at once to darling if the girl behaves in relation to you aggressively. To you it is not necessary and take offense at the child. It is quite possible that negative attitude to you is caused by mother of the girl who incites the child against you. The child should not perceive you as the informer. And you should not answer with negative attitude. Try to keep calm anyway. Over time the girl will understand that you to her not the enemy and that negative attitude to you is not justified.

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