How to get acquainted with the girl for friendship

How to get acquainted with the girl for friendship

We do not touch upon a disputable subject - whether friendship between the young man and the girl is possible in general? We just recognize that it is really possible and can be fine and useful to growth and personal development both is both young men, and girls. We want to help the young man to make friends with the girl who interested him, offering for this purpose concrete steps. Whether there will be after that between them a love - depends only on them. The speech about friendship in real, but not on a dating site or on social networks.

It is required to you

  • - determination;
  • - confidence is that you are interested in friendship, but not love and not sex;
  • - an object - the girl with whom you would like to improve the friendly relations;
  • - time and opportunity for studying a focus of her interests;
  • - objective comparison of its interests to yours;
  • - time and opportunity for the remote communication (phone, Internet);
  • - time and opportunity for personal meetings;
  • - companies and actions for joint leisure;
  • - companies and actions for joint work;
  • - desire and an opportunity to help it with the solution of its problems.


1. Get acquainted with it. Just as required ask, what is her name and tell it the name. If she in reply smiles - the contact is come, and your friendship has a future. If it makes a sour mine and very clearly will represent neglect to you - it is not that girl on whom it is worth spending time and energy.

2. Show in any way your interest in communication with it. It is enough to tell: ""You know, I did not like fourth ""Transformers"" at all... The main thing that the phrase assumed dialogue continuation, caused desire to object or discuss your words in the girl. And surely let it know that her opinion to you is not indifferent.

3. Lead it in the nearest cafe on a coffee cup. Or suggest to have a glass of juice. But do it not specially, fixing time and the place as if this appointment, and accidentally, spontaneously. Do not force it to think, as if you look after her, with all that it implies complications.

4. If she tells that she does not want to spend time with you because it has a guy - at once emphasize that you to her guy not the competitor that you with pleasure will get acquainted with it as her friend. At acquaintance to her guy surely tell that they - fine couple and that you heartily wish them good luck.

5. Kind of accidentally it appear on those parties where there is she. Do not impose her the communication when she talks to the friends. Let's it itself notice, greet, and depart away. After that most likely she will approach you, at least with words: ""Oh, and you here! And how you appeared here?""

6. Think up a pretext that to give it the help and support in something. Do not impose it the services, but also do not wait when she asks. The proud girl herself will never ask about the help. Your task is to control a situation and it is at the right time simple to be near.

7. Make so that she came to a conclusion that with you it is better for it, than without you. That with you easily, cheerfully and easy both to work and to have a good time and to have a rest. That you are always ready to encourage, come to the rescue in word and deed. That you are a true friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team