How to get acquainted with the girl of the age

How to get acquainted with the girl of the age

Human relations depend on a set of factors, and it is impossible to give universal advice how to behave with any given person as each of us is individual, has the interests, traits of character and ideas of an opposite sex. Therefore the following councils cannot be considered a panacea, they can only help you to grope the right direction and to get acquainted with people interesting to you.

It is required to you

  • Internet, interesting hobby


1. Traditional attempts of men to get acquainted with girls on the street most often do not bring any result though, of course, from any rule there are exceptions. It is much more than chances to get acquainted with girls in clubs, and it is not obligatory in night, and in any clubs on interests, at the meetings devoted to a certain subject whether it be a meeting or a meeting of tourist club. Here will treat new acquaintances of the girl more favourably as obviously you have general interest for the sake of which you came to any given meeting. But it is not necessary to go on culinary courses where there are always a lot of girls of any age if you hardly are able to cook pelmeni and, in general, the kitchen does not interest you at all. Choose those places which are really interesting to you. Do you like to play sports and to run? Find the nearest running club. You are interested in the photo? Register in a master class of the famous photographer or any photowalk. Do you speak a foreign language? In many cities there are language clubs on which meet and easy strangers have a talk absolutely. And almost on all such "parties" of girls it is much more, than young people.

2. Do you have no hobbies or you cannot find what interests you? There are, of course, also other ways of acquaintance. For example, dating sites. But there are reefs. Virtual acquaintances often do not meet your expectations in reality. Girls are not such beautiful, as in the photos published on the website. Or, despite interesting letters, in life cannot connect two words plainly. Either is much more senior or is younger than that age which interested you. Well also just it is necessary to remember that not all girls are registered on such websites. However the chance to get acquainted nevertheless is also quite quite good. For more courageous there are also various clubs for acquaintances which will organize cafe, clubs, restaurants.

3. Be not afraid of girls, they will not bite you. And even if they do not show to you interest, do not become despondent, nothing comes easily, even simple acquaintance, try again and again. Be not afraid to show an initiative, sometimes even the most brisk girls are actually very constraining and wait for the first step from you. But be not overzealous, excessive bravado can only push away, on the contrary, from you the person. Listen and look narrowly at girls to find that subject which can interest it at your acquaintance. Be not afraid to get into an awkward situation, from each such situation there is an exit, for example, a joke or transfer of a conversation to other subject.

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