How to get acquainted with the new person

How to get acquainted with the new person

If life forced you to change the residence, work or you just wanted changes in the social life, means the time of acquaintances to new people came. There is a mass of places where it is possible to find new acquaintances. The main thing, it is necessary to be open and friendly.

1. Ask friends to help you, tell them what you want to expand a circle of the acquaintances. People close to you, knowing your interests, will be able to acquaint you with those who are fond of the same, than and you. Begin to communicate with friends of the darling. For example, it is possible to organize a picnic with her or his friends. It is possible gets acquainted through the relatives. You spend with brothers and sisters more time, so you can make friends with their friends.

2. If you have children, then it is possible to begin to participate actively in their activity and in process to meet parents of their schoolmates. You surely will have general subjects for a conversation. Try to join parental committee.

3. Begin to communicate with the neighbors. It is especially good if you live in an apartment house. It is possible even to try to organize a meeting of neighbors, for example, shish kebabs or a party in the yard of the house.

4. Sign up for courses of which dreamed long ago. The general occupations will help to approach new people, discussion of a subject will become an excellent occasion to start a conversation. Just in case it is possible to suggest to exchange contacts, for example, if someone from you skips class.

5. Enter a hobby club. Having registered in club on interests, it is possible to find the friends dividing your hobbies. The main thing to be honest in the choice of the interests to find the most acceptable option. If there is an opportunity it is possible to organize own a hobby club, the main thing, by means of advertizing to interest as much as possible people.

6. Sports activities can also become a reason for new acquaintances. Enter team and if you have more on temper individual occupations, it is possible to register in gym or the hall of martial arts.

7. Do not refuse various parties invitations. Even if you not the fan of similar actions, then can meet the person feeling the same there. You go to bar or cafe, more free atmosphere promoting new acquaintances there. If there is a billiards, bowling or other entertainments, invite the wishing stranger to participate in a game.

8. Resort to the Internet. There are special websites offering opportunities of new acquaintances for friendship and the romantic relations.

9. The majority of the cities hold summer and various festive festivals. You go to the museums or to theater, to performances or to art gallery.

10. Shops can also give you an opportunity to get acquainted with new people. Be thrown by several phrases with other buyers, try to offer the advice to those who look confused, or, on the contrary, ask the help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team