How to get acquainted with the sign Cancer

How to get acquainted with the sign Cancer

The men and women who were born under the sign of Cancer possess thinly feeling nature and improbably rich inner world. At the same time they are considered as the most provident among all zodiac signs, and therefore can look narrowly at new people long enough. To get acquainted with Cancer and to begin with it more or less close communication, the considerable stock of patience can be required: it is necessary to wait until careful Cancer is convinced of your honest intentions and will admit you to itself.


1. Best of all representatives of this zodiac sign feel in quiet places where the weakened atmosphere and a quiet situation reigns. Crayfish like to spend time in the bosom of the family and close friends, and here it is possible to meet them in the noisy companies very seldom. Therefore if you decided to get acquainted with Cancer, it is the best of all to look for representatives of this sign in small cozy institutions where they can spend time with friends.

2. It is rather difficult to distinguish muzhchinu-Raka on appearance as usually representatives of this sign put on in simple conservative style and externally are not distinguished from other people in any way. Most of female Cancers love romantic style in clothes, but to recognize them by appearance too not easy. But it is easy to recognize both men, and the women born under this sign by a behavior manner: they are quiet, reserved and tactful, have unusual sensitivity in communication and are beautiful listeners.

3. To be pleasant to Cancer, it is important to behave from first minutes of communication naturally. This zodiac sign concerns some of the most acute, he easily distinguishes falseness and affectedness in behavior of people. If you try to start acquaintance to the help of active flirtation and meaningful glances, your attempts, most likely, will be doomed to a failure. It is necessary "to approach" Cancer carefully and slowly therefore the best way it is successful to get acquainted with it – it is simple to start an ordinary conversation and to behave and it is opened that Cancer felt at a conversation as much as possible comfortably.

4. Cancer can be wary of too sociable people. The man who was born under this zodiac sign will pay attention to the quiet and lovely girl, than to the bright and talkative person rather therefore at acquaintance with muzhchinoy-Rakom to you it is not necessary to behave too actively. Zhenshchina-Rak will give preference self-assured, but at the same time to externally reserved man near whom she will feel safe. It is necessary to begin with her communication slowly too and without affording any actions which she can apprehend as persistence or pressure.

5. Remember that Cancers do not love too rough emotional manifestations. Any trifles, even too loud or fluent speech, are capable to guard Cancer, and then it can be closed in itself(himself) or step aside, without having wished to continue communication. But it does not mean at all what at communication with it needs to be behaved quietly in literal sense. Just to be pleasant to Cancer, you will need "to be adjusted on its wave": try to prove the delicate, benevolent and frank interlocutor.

6. That acquaintance continued and got chances of development, you should take the initiative. Both men, and women of this sign are pretty timid therefore to wait from them for the first step or even any hints on it it is possible very long. But if you managed to interest Cancer in sincere and benevolent behavior, be sure that he will have no objection to continue communication. Call him at cinema, cozy restaurant or on usual walk in the park, and he for certain will not refuse the invitation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team