How to get off the notions of compulsion?

How to get off the notions of compulsion?

Whether the iron before an exit from the house is switched off? Whether it will be possible to fall, every day passing across the same slippery sidewalk? And suddenly the train in this trip will go to the subway about a rail? The bad notions of compulsion daily seize hundreds of people and turn life into the real nightmare. From where do these fears and phobias appear? Whether it is possible to get rid of them and how to make it? The answer is simple – it is possible, but it is for this purpose important to make a few efforts. What? Now you learn.

If your diagnosis – neurosis of the notions of compulsion

Any notion of compulsion is manifestation of fear which absorbs consciousness of the person and limits his activity. Modern statistics is not consolatory. During the researches it was counted that on average per day in the head of the person about 60 thousand thoughts, i.e. about 1 thought a second are born. And more than 90% from them make those reflections in which the person was engaged the day before and couple of days ago. And the huge share is occupied by fears and the notions of compulsion. It is necessary to tell "thanks" for it to protective mechanisms of mentality which constantly tries to find danger in activity of the person. Positive emotions threaten with nothing therefore they are not late for a long time, and over a negative it is possible to reflect long enough. Than actually most of people is also engaged. But unlike a usual negative which gives in to control the so-called obsessions appear in the head of the person in spite of himself. They arise in the form of various fears, representations and actions. Even if the person realizes the problem, to cope with it independently he not in forces.

The notions of compulsion arising in the head of the person have a huge number of versions. Let's give examples only some of them:

  • cycling on ridiculous and unnecessary thoughts;
  • persuasive doubts – constant alarm about correctness of perfect actions;
  • the persuasive account – constant uncontrollable desire to consider any objects or objects which are found in life. For example, the cars which got towards or recounting of money;
  • persuasive memoirs – the thoughts of once occurred unpleasant vital episode which are constantly appearing in the head;
  • persuasive fears are the phobias arising in certain situations or places;
  • persuasive inclinations are the constant insuperable desires connected with unpleasant and ridiculous actions;
  • persuasive rituals are actions which the person constantly repeats as a ceremony at certain situations.

Their reasons cannot define most of people who are visited by the notions of compulsion. Having glanced in itself, they can find only fear, but glance even more deeply very few people manage. However psychotherapists contain several options of emergence of such thoughts. Among them: mental disorders, strong overfatigue, the suffered brain injuries, chronic intoxications or infectious diseases. But even if the reasons of emergence of the notions of compulsion for the person are unknown, long manifestation of fears should not remain unnoticed.

The doctor of molecular biology Candice Pert became the first among scientists who could prove not only psychosomatic, but also physical influence of fears on a human body. The aggressive notions of compulsion cause irritation, rage and offense in the person. In the course of thinking biologically active connections called neuropeptids travel around all organism. And once negative emotions fill a brain, chemical compounds begin to poison a body. Thus, the person breaks work of the immune system and risks to get sick. Very often people who live in fear and a negative can have oncological diseases. In this regard it is necessary to fight against oppressive thoughts from the very beginning of their emergence.

Disposal of the notions of compulsion

One of the most effective ways "kill" the notions of compulsion is treatment by means of meditation. In other words, the person suffering from the fears needs to learn to relax. And it is necessary to do it in any situation and in any place. For this purpose the notion of compulsion needs to be worried not in itself, and kind of looking at it from outside. It is necessary to tell mentally himself stop and to believe that it is only a thought and it has under itself no real background.

One more way is a derivation for fears. Remembering that any thought is material, it is necessary to think up to himself positive affirmation and to repeat them daily. For example, it is possible to think of how you love this world, and he answers you with love. The main thing to believe in what you will tell yourself, and then it will become a reality.

How to get off the notions of compulsion if no ways of self-belief work? In this case it is worth asking for the help experts. As practice showed, most often this illness is reflection of problems of mentality. Therefore only the complex method which consists of psychotherapeutic intervention, use of medicines (antidepressants, etc.) and also physical therapy will be able to help.

If fears became an integral part of life, then it is worth deciding for himself at once how to fight against these notions of compulsion. Any delay can affect health and lead to more difficult diseases.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team