How to get permission to marriage with the foreigner

How to get permission to marriage with the foreigner

Now in connection with a possibility of free entrance and departure of citizens out of borders of the country, strengthening of population shift the number of marriages of the Russian citizens with foreigners increased. To imprison him, it is necessary to consider some moments.


1. For a start file a petition for registration of marriage to the REGISTRY OFFICE of that country where marriage will consist. To you will suggest to collect the necessary package of documents according to the local legislation. As a rule, it standard in all countries also includes: international passport or other identity document; the certificate that you are not married (or the divorce certificate); permission of parents to trip abroad (to persons 21 years are younger). Take an interest what additional documents the concrete country demands to provide.

2. Consider that in some countries the marriage with the foreigner requires permission of consulate. For this purpose it is necessary to have the "marriage invitation" (visa of the groom/bride) issued in the territory of the country of accommodation of your future spouse. If the foreign citizen has no such document, then marriage can be recognized as illegal in that country from where the foreign citizen is. At insistance of the parties the marriage will be registered nevertheless with a mark that the groom and the bride were acquainted with the operating order.

3. Address to the Ministry of that authority which issued any given your document to put an apostille on the original (i.e. to legalize). After that documents it is necessary to certify by the country seal where you are going to get married with the foreigner.

4. Study the special forbidding conditions of marriage in that country which citizen is future spouse. For example, if your second half – the citizen of Greece, then consider that in this country to employees of intelligence agencies and police it is strictly forbidden to marry foreigners. For citizens of Germany it is necessary to get in law enforcement agencies "Permission to marriage registration abroad" which confirms lack of the circumstances interfering marriage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team