How to get rid of computer dependence?

How to get rid of computer dependence?

Treatment of computer dependence is necessary in case the person ceases to behave adequately in society, is not capable to function normally all in family and cannot even serve itself independently.

How to struggle with computer dependence? The first and indispensable condition is desire to recover and also a spirit for successful treatment and understanding of a problem. As a rule, the dependence of the person is usually noticed by the people who are in an inner circle.

Let's consider possible options of how it is possible to treat computer dependence. To the person support and motivation is important. Therefore it is possible to begin treatment with consultation of relatives, and then to see a doctor that he developed behavior tactics with the patient.

Treatment stages

  1. It is necessary to define the reasons of formation of dependence on the computer and also to exclude possible mental disorders. If the doctor finds the latent depression in the patient, then treatment will be appointed medicines.
  2. Treatment basis – psychological correction. It can be carried out as in groups by means of trainings, and is individual. The help of the psychologist is directed to ability to solve difficult situations, to education of will power, improvement of relationship with people around, increase in a self-assessment. Also the expert will try to create new hobbies and the vital purposes.
  3. The most important stage is involvement of the person in those processes which will be far from the computer and the virtual world. The person has to remember and rediscover for himself all beauty which surrounds him. It is necessary to remind him that there are many interesting occupations: sport, departures on the nature, visit of theaters, museums, exhibitions, and, the most important, joint pastime with family. Such rest will help to adjust psychological state at the person and will load it with positive emotions.

Consequences of computer dependence can be the most deplorable, up to family breakdown, a depression, job loss. It is important to relatives of the person who is depending on the computer to support him in overcoming this illness, to try to distract it and to organize joint leisure.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team