How to get rid of the ex-boyfriend

How to get rid of the ex-boyfriend

Not always parting takes place smoothly and by mutual consent. Sometimes separation is given to one of the former lovers very hard, and he begins to look for any ways to return the relations back. If the ex-boyfriend behaves too busily, put him in such conditions that he did not want you to see more.


1. Talk to the guy, explain that more you cannot be together as feelings passed, and you want to live in a different way. Even if the love for the person did not end, it is not necessary to speak to him about it, otherwise it will serve as a signal for active actions. Try to inform it of the position, using convincing arguments. You speak quietly and do not show the emotions. Let the person will understand that you are indifferent to him.

2. Tell the former man what there began the new relations. Even if you are going to stay still long time alone, it is not obligatory for annoying boyfriend to know about it. For persuasiveness ask one of the friends to take a walk together with you. Such affected frivolity will sharply spoil the ex-boyfriend's attitude towards you.

3. Stop to visit those places where the ex-boyfriend usually spends time. Even if in your city there are not enough places for entertainments, limit yourself. Having ceased to see you, the man gradually will begin to pay attention and to other girls.

4. Replace mobile phone number or enter the ex-boyfriend in the black list of subscribers. For a while refuse use of the Internet. Remove the guy from the list of friends on social networks. If you have an opportunity, go for few weeks to other city and report about the peremeshchayeniye only to the closest people.

5. Talk to the girlfriends, perhaps, one of them likes your ex-boyfriend. Then it will be possible to ask it about that she began to pay attention to him. Most likely, it will flatter the man, and he will be able to forget about you.

6. If nothing from listed to you helps, and the guy continues to insist, agree to reconciliation. It does not mean that you give up, just make so that the relations became intolerable. Demand very expensive gifts, be jealous of each familiar girl, limit freedom and quarrel with his relatives. All this will lead to the fact that the guy himself will want to leave you.

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