How to get to fall in love parnya-Skorpiona

How to get to fall in love parnya-Skorpiona

Scorpions - quite aggressive and often vindictive, but at the same time self-assured are also not afraid to show feelings. If paren-Skorpion falls in love with you, he will prove it brightly and so that all learned about your feelings.


1. A scorpion - the sign which likes to shock people around. And himself in partners he chooses the person who sincerely admires it. Therefore to get to fall in love with guy-Scorpion, eulogize his merits. React to all its actions, support its initiative. Let he will see that you are ready to admire it and wait from it for new feats.

2. Do not admit feelings of the first, muzhchiny-Skorpiony love that the initiative proceeded with them. But it does not prevent you to make advances in every possible way - to make eyes, to accidentally touch the guy's shoulder, to bend for the best review, etc. The scorpion will not begin to wait until you tell about the interest, he considers your signs and will invite to an appointment.

3. Behave actively, meet friends, you go to the cinema, theater. Scorpions are individualists and prefer to communicate with people around through the partner. Show that you like to be in society that it is interesting to you and does not give an inconvenience. Then the Scorpion will surely become interested in you.

4. The physical relations are very important for the Scorpion, he treats them, as a ritual. Therefore you should not agree to intim at once. Poflirtuyte, meet, inflame desire of the Scorpion. The longer he cannot receive the desirable, the stronger falls in love with a passion object. Resistance forces it to look for new approaches, it becomes more active every day, showing the feelings.

5. Sexually attractive women are interesting to scorpions. Change clothes style. Buy more revealing dresses with deep cuts and cuts. But do not confuse sexuality with platitude. Vulgar women muzhchiny-Skorpiony are loved too, but once. After the night spent together they vanish and do not call any more. Therefore show the sexuality, but not too be frank.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team