How to get to fall in love the ex-wife

Any married couple faces lack of a vaimoponimaniye sooner or later. Various reasons, starting with differing interests and finishing with elementary financial instability. Numerous quarrels and mutual reproaches are a destiny of each marriage union. But what if ties of Hymen nevertheless were not so strong how it was supposed? Whether it is possible to get to fall in love the ex-wife?


1. Properly think of possible consequences of the renewed relations. Weigh everything "pro" and "contra". Analysis of your last relations will be much more effective if you do not begin to make it in mind, and reflect everything in paper. Take the sheet of paper and on the center draw a vertical line that two columns turned out. At the left list all pluses of your relations with the former spouse, and on the right - minuses. You should not hurry to make the decision, approach this question seriously! Keep in mind - the analysis stage can take not one day. When the list it is finished, simply compare results of both columns. On the basis of it you can draw a conclusion on whether it is worth renewing everything. If you are able to admit with a certain share of confidence to yourself that you really want to return the former spouse - pass to the following step.

2. That your ex-wife anew fell in love with you, it is necessary to overestimate values. First of all you need to think over what most often was the reason of your quarrels. Remember what in you irritated your spouse. Revive so many conflicts how many you will be able in memory, and isolate the general moments which every time became an apple of discord for you from all these cases.

3. You are obliged to learn to recognize the mistakes. Until it happens to your consciousness - you will face problems again and again. Mentally present your unwillingness to admit own guilt in the form of a dam which creates a barrier to negative streams. From it the stream of negative emotions cannot just proceed by you, being in the power of a current. There is the return - it accumulates, thanks to a dam, and this process of forcing of emotions lasts until they do not become enough to pick a dam to pieces.

4. As soon as you manage to define prerequisites of the family conflicts - begin to eradicate in yourself those traits of character which provoked them.

5. Learn to listen to the former spouse. Problems of many people arise from the fact that they it seems listen to each other, but do not hear at all. You should study art to hear the person close to you, his wish, discontent, a claim, charge, reproaches. Only then you will manage to turn them into a praise, gratitude and even pride.

6. Be able to speak about your feelings. It is simple and difficult at the same time. Be not afraid to admit to your former spouse the most sincere rushes. Lay out everything, as on spirit! Let her know that you need it that, having lost it, realized, your life without it, darling is how empty and sad. Let knows that for the sake of it you learned to be another and you will continue to change if only not to see her tears if only to be pleasant to it if only to be worthy its.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team