How to get to fall in love the guy

How to get to fall in love the guy

If the guy who was pleasant to you perceives you only as the friend, be not upset. Try to get the guy to fall in love, applying at the same time all your charm, female cunning, mind and sense of humour.

1. Communicate to friends or relatives of your elect and tactfully find out what type of women is pleasant to him more. If the young man draws special attention to sporty girls, for the sake of achievement of the goal take off your shoes on hairpins and womanly dresses and buy sneakers and jeans. Having seen you in a new image, the young man will hardly remain to you indifferent.

2. Pay special attention to the appearance, to guys girls fashionable and well-groomed are more nice. You watch that your hair always were clean and laid in a stylish hairstyle, and your make-up was not defiant, and only emphasized beautiful features of your appearance.

3. Communicating with the young man, allow it to tell you about yourself as much as possible and  do not interrupt his monologues. Become for it the attentive and interested listener, and your chances to get it to fall in love sharply will increase. Try to expatiate not too on the private life, especially, if you had it saturated and rough — your interlocutor does not need to know this information at all. Be easy in communication, you joke and try to do your meetings at least a little unusual — for example, present to the guy a souvenir on the date of its name-day or write the ridiculous poem on your couple.

4. From your mutual friends learn how the young man who was pleasant to you spends the leisure-time, and tell it that you  wish to look sometimes, for example, at a football match too or to sing in a karaoke. Even if your hobby is a knitting, for the sake of your beloved read articles about soccer on the Internet or newspapers, and at an opportunity flash the knowledge. As for singing then if you  have no vocal talent, resort to cunning and tell what so far only you dream to learn to sing as it, and ask it to become your teacher. You will emphasize with such request the high level of his skill in this area that by all means will be pleasant to it.  Besides, you will need to think out reasons for meetings.

5. Do not forget to coquet and flirt with an object of your passion. Only use for this purpose the corresponding situations: parties at friends or corporate holidays, but not lectures at institute or meetings at work. You can try and other option of seduction of your elect — begin to flirt specially with other young man  in front of his eyes. Such behavior you, most likely, will cause  not only jealousy, but also desire to invite you to a romantic meeting in your guy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team