How to get to fall in love the guy on the first appointment

How to get to fall in love the guy on the first appointment

From time immemorial women sought to attach to themselves the man. Some win amazing beauty and faultless manners, others get to fall in love ability to prepare, and someone tries to charm the potential groom at all. It is not necessary to be the psychologist that already on the first appointment to interest the man clever, thought over, but tactful women's receptions.


1. Be on the first appointment in all beauty, bright, in a beautiful dress, in new shoes and with charming a smile upon the face. Subconsciously the man selects to himself such companion of life whom he could be proud, admire. To be beautiful – does not mean, to look as a star from a luster cover. You have to be well-groomed, tidy, the clothes are ironed, stockings without arrows, nails with manicure, hair clean, beautifully laid or at all dismissed in all length. Even the modest sundress can faultlessly sit if in couple to it to pick up a graceful scarf and a fashionable handbag.

2. As well as you, the man on the first appointment will try to make a positive impression on you very much. He will joke, tell true-life stories, to share the dreams and to speak about everything. What he reported to you about, is attentive and with sincere interest couple him, ask the specifying questions, admire his stories. When he sees the importance in your eyes, consider what half-affairs is made. It is always pleasant to receive a praise and attention.

3. To delightfully listen spellbound to the man insufficiently. Become for him the interesting interlocutor with whom easily and freely to communicate with which it is possible to joke and from which you will not expect causticities, sarcasm and criticism. Leave coldness, mockery, arrogance and fault-finding for other situations. Let your elect from the first meeting will estimate you as kind friend.

4. Do not refuse to the man pleasant trifles. Means that on the first appointment he for certain will want to treat you with a dinner at restaurant and to independently pay the bill, to buy tickets at cinema or amusement park. Allow it to become your defender if necessary – the stronger sex should feel indestructible and all-powerful.

5. When the first appointment comes to an end, show endurance and modesty. Allow the elect to give a ride to you by car, to see you to an entrance or even to a door, but do not invite him home and to it it is not necessary to arise so far. At most, that it is possible to allow – a kiss. It will finish drawing all the rest in imagination, and your image for a long time will register in his dreams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team