How to get to fall in love the guy whom you meet

How to get to fall in love the guy whom you meet

You look to it in the face and you understand that this that guy with whom it would be desirable to carry out for the rest of the life. But here an ill luck, he takes only a liking to you. To get to fall in love the man really, but not for the sake of a fleeting, easy affair not so simply, but it is possible.

1. Be womanly and try to look in any situation stunningly. It does not mean that you have to go every day in rhinestones, sequins, to do the evening meyk-apostle. You have to be well-groomed, but not vulgar. Natural beauty plus small female cunnings - and a half of business is made.

2. Be original and extraordinary. Do not reveal before it at once. Let him gradually comprehend you. Men by nature conquerors. At them any interest when you stop being a riddle and something unattainable vanishes. Constantly change, it concerns both appearance, and some internal changes.

3. Joint hobbies will bring together you. Be interested in his life. Read his favourite books, watch it favourite movies, show interest in soccer, learn to play billiards. It does not mean at all that you have to be dissolved in the man and lead only his life. Understand that if you get acquainted with his hobbies, it will be easier for you to win his heart. And will flatter it that you share its interests.

4. Kind of it was pleasant to you, remain inaccessible. Sex is an integral part of the adult healthy relations, but it is not necessary to hurry with it. Do not miss a rose and candy stage: romantic appointments, kisses at an entrance, gentle embraces - all this surely has to be present. Premature sex can deprive of you such small, but very pleasant trifles.

5. If you have to it strong feelings, then it is obvious that you want to spend with it all the free time. However be not annoying and importunate. Whims, hysterics, groundless requirements not only will not help you to get to fall in love the guy, but also will cause in him negative feelings in relation to you. Be always positive and smiling. In the relations the main understanding. Try to penetrate for a start into current situation, and after it to make a claim.

6. Develop not only physically, but also spiritually. Attend exhibitions, conferences, read books. If you the erudite girl, it am not a shame to show you to friends if you and fascinate them, it is powerful plus for your relations.

7. Allow it to care for you. So he will feel necessary and necessary, but also here you should not go too far. If you time asked about the help, and it for the objective reasons could not help you, then you should not row and roll up the hysteric.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team