How to give birth to the child from former

How to give birth to the child from former

People get acquainted, fall in love, spend together happy days, marry and … leave. When the divorce is the husband's initiative - it is twice sick. Even if family life was not especially happy. And some thrown wives want to return the former beloved, deciding on the birth of children from it. There are also other circumstances when only the right decision for you are pregnancy and childbirth from the previous husband.


1. Remember that for achievement of the desirable it is important to make the most present plan of seducing. The situation, slow music, a beautiful dress, and is even better - a new image will adjust any man on a romantic harmony. Spend time and funds for the best beauty shop, think over all details, be not afraid to change image, yours the end justifies the means. Remember preferences of your ex-husband, arm with the most right female weapon - beauty and appeal.

2. Consider circumstances under which you could remain with the ex-husband alone. In it your art - to arrange your meeting so that it looked accidentally. It is better if it the general friends had a party and a festival. It is a little wine, slow music, the twilight, the burning fireplace, an intimate situation will help you to reach the desirable.

3. It is important still that your perhaps only appointment bore fruits, other opportunity can not be presented. That you could conceive the child, it is necessary to have contact in certain days. At a regular menstrual cycle the ovulation happens for 12-16 day. For fidelity it is possible to use the test for an ovulation, the benefit similar achievements of science are on sale in any drugstore now. Preliminary intake of folic acid increases reproductive ability, and smoking and various infections sharply lower genital function.

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