How to give hope to the man

How to give hope to the man

In our society it is accepted that the man the first showed an initiative in the relations. It should approach and get acquainted, make a date, to make the proposal. But men not less women are afraid to be rejected and therefore quite often hesitate to approach the pleasant girl. The clever woman in that case can give special signs to the elect hope for reciprocity that he was not afraid to show an initiative.

Use a look and a smile. Only it is not necessary to stare constantly at the man without blinking, it will make an unpleasant impression. Dart the interested glance at it better, look several seconds, and then look away. In a couple of minutes look at it again. Having met the pleasant man eyes – smile to him. For some men of it it can be quite sufficient to approach and begin a conversation.

If it appeared insufficiently, try to add erotic movements. Accept more sexual pose, cross the legs, cast away the head back and shake by hair, play a curl, reeling up it on a finger, lick lips. Usually such movements are considered as sign of sexual interest and will give to the man hope for reciprocity.

It is even simpler to familiar person to give hope: slightly to a poflirtuyta with him, give couple of compliments, try to concern sometimes him when you pass by or you talk. Let it know that at you much in common, share its interests and hobbies, enter its circle of contacts, try to catch sight to him more often. Ask it council for different trifles, always listen to his answers and you say how they are valuable to you. Be interested in his life. Let it know what it unusual and as it is strange that it still one without partner. Only do not go too far if you press it, he will decide that you are too importunate and will not want to meet you. In everything it is necessary to observe a measure. Never begin to flirt with other man in the presence of the one who is interesting to you. It can frighten off the person and present you disparagingly. You do not force an event, perhaps the man already noticed your interest, but it needs time to reciprocate feelings. Give it the chance to understand themselves and to be convinced that he all this time looked for you. If there passed already a lot of time, and your man still hesitates to make a date with you – time of more resolute hints came. Start a conversation about the forthcoming office party, a concert, an exhibition, the new movie at movie theater and let know that with pleasure would descend there if was with whom. Ask it to come to you home and to help you with something that demands purely male hand: to nail the shelf, to collect a piece of furniture, to repair the crane or the computer and so forth. At the same time accidentally mention that you in mind have no other man who would be able to do it and that in the apartment you will remain with him alone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team