How to give to the child the surname

How to give to the child the surname

Full names are given to the child at registration of the fact of its birth and receiving in bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE of the birth certificate. The surname can be given mother or the child's father. The joint statement about assignment of a surname is submitted. If mother of the child registers the child without father and in the column the father puts a crossed out section, then there is enough her statement.

It is required to you

  • - statement in bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE
  • - notarial permission of mother or father, depending on that who submits the application
  • - passport
  • - birth certificate of the child
  • - the judgment if one of parents or the only parent do not agree to replace to the child a surname of the child.


1. The woman receiving the status of single mother registers the child on the surname. For change of a surname to the minor child, it is necessary to submit the application to bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE in a place of registration of the fact of the birth or at the place of residence. The application has to be submitted by mother of the child and the person of the person interested to establish paternity and to rewrite the child on the surname.

2. Specify a surname which needs to be appropriated to the child after change and the reason which induced it to make in the statement.

3. In addition mother represents notarial permission to commission of this action.

4. If the child's mother against change of a surname, and the father wishes to establish paternity and to write down the surname in documents of the child, then he needs to file the petition and to pass DNA – examination on paternity proof. Only after the judgment can change the child a surname.

5. After the divorce mother of the child can rewrite it to the husband on the surname only after the judgment if the father of the child is not deprived of the parental rights and regularly fulfills the parental responsibilities, for example, pays alimony. Because the minor child can replace a surname only from the mutual consent of both parents.

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