How to grow up and bring up the man

How to grow up and bring up the man

The son's birth in family imposes certain obligations on parents. To grow up the real man from even tiny little man - business troublesome, but all efforts will pay off when he becomes an adult.


1. Show courage on the example of the father. Boys seek to imitate in everything to the father, he for them the main example and an incentive to develop. For this reason, wishing to receive something from the son, fathers have to show actively this quality or ability the behavior. If you single mother, involve in education of the son of the grandfathers, uncles or the good friends really capable to become an example.

2. Impart respect for women. It is one of the most important qualities of the real man. The son has to respect you, the sister and other women, him people around. If he fights with girls, talk to him in an adult way, explain that women need care and cannot respond to blows of the strong man.

3. Cultivate feeling of neatness in the son. It has to be shown in everything - from his clothes to a condition of the room or a personal corner in the house. Together clean up, you ask the kid to hide toys into place. Try to explain to him that how it looks, influences the attitude of people around towards him. Select clothes through joint efforts, considering its wishes, impart sense of style.

4. Send the child to sports section. The sport gives a set of merits: endurance, physical force, aspiration to a victory. Occupations fight or soccer will bring equally positive result. The main thing, the child has to not to do anything violently - itself be defined in interest in any given sport.

5. You ask for help of the son. The boy feels is much more adult, when mother or the father ask him (just as adult) to help them with something. Mother has to accustom the son to housework therefore it is worth involving him in washing of ware, cleaning and other efforts. The father has to train the child in other things - take the kid in a garage for car repairs or the motorcycle, together hammer nails and you repair chairs.

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