How to guess on future husband

How to guess on future husband

Despite of the come age of high technologies, there is still a wish to adjoin to the world mysterious. Especially when the question concerns own destiny.

1. Guess on the promised and future husband mainly on a Christmas-tide, in the first week after approach of New year. But in fact it is possible to tell fortunes in any day if there is such desire, especially in case to treat it only as to frivolous entertainment. The simplest guessing will demand the paper cut on strips and needles in which long thread is passed. On strips of paper write man's names, the more strips and names, the more interestingly. Display strips a fan from the center in a circle, the written names down. In the center of a circle the needle which holds for a thread guessing is put, slightly having inclined it. A needle, moving around, will stop and will point to one of the spread-out pieces of paper, having turned it, the girl will read a name of the future spouse. It is possible to place pieces of paper in a bag and to get, without looking: such method is used if guessing a little.

2. One more option requires the container with grain where guessing have to put several various rings, number it is less, than quantity of guessing. Rings have to be from different metals and symbolize a social status of future husband. Each girl, dipping a hand into grain, has to try to get one of rings. The copper ring means the poor promised, silver - the person of middle-incomes, gold and gold with stones predicts marriage with the rich man. If the girl pulls out two or even three rings at once, her hands will try to obtain several people. And if guessing does not pull out any ring - it means that this year the chances to meet the only thing at it are small.

3. The following method is good for the big companies, quiet areas and courageous girls. To guess, by tradition, it is possible to begin only after midnight. Having gone outside, it is necessary to ask his name the first comer of the man - will call also future husband guessing. If there is a lot of girls, and chances to meet the passerby in late hour are small, it is possible at one met to ask names for everyone - it is allowed by guessing. But you should not abuse such dangerous campaigns not to subject themselves to serious danger. Besides any guessing, and Christmas including, is considered a sin. Also there is a belief that when guessing people stops being the master of his own live, leaving the only dropped-out option. Whether to trust in all this or to be engaged in Christmas fortune-telling only for entertainment, each person solves for himself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team