How to have a heart-to-heart talk

How to have a heart-to-heart talk

The informal conversation cannot take place if interlocutors are not interested in it. Only the mutual attentiveness and sincerity will allow you to talk sincerely. However, there are methods of conducting dialogue which, unlike sincerity, can be "learned". Controlling the actions during the conversation, you will be able to support the atmosphere of credibility.

Come into contact with the interlocutor. He has to feel that this conversation is important for you. In advance think of that the situation was comfortable: make an appointment in the cozy, not populous place. Beginning a conversation, you do not hurry and do not interrupt the person. Even if he beats around the bush, hesitating to pass to an essence, do not adjust him. It is necessary to wait patiently for that moment when the person is liberated and will dare to tell that he concerns him. At the first stage just assent, be not distracted by phone and you do not look around with bored face, do not try to sum up the friend's monologue phrases it seems "generally …", "is shorter …", etc.

Show to the interlocutor that you understand him. This "effect" is created very simply. It is enough to repeat the key moments of the story as if designating briefly main "theses". You should not copy phrases thoughtlessly. Instead it is enough to retell by the own words those points of a conversation which seem to you the most emotional and important for your interlocutor.

After the person entrusts you the experiences and completely will speak, it is possible to participate in dialogue more actively. Interest in a situation will help to make a conversation sincere. Ask the friend the specifying questions if something seemed to you unclear. So you will help it to understand a problem, accurate information is already 50 percent of success. Share with the interlocutor the reflections on a subject. It is important to tell at first about emotions, and only after that to pass to rational assessment of the situation. If at you similar stories happened, tell about them – so you not only share useful experience, but also you will show that really you understand the interlocutor. If the person asked you about it, give to him several advice, try to make together with it an optimal solution. However, it can turn out that the informal conversation was necessary only to splash out emotions. Then it is better not to make recommendations, and just to listen to the person and to divide his experiences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team