How to have a rest in the pool family

How to have a rest in the pool family

The pool is a place which visit can unite all family, irrespective of age and fitness of everyone. The small pool for small, long paths for adults and water attractions for all: go with family to the pool, it is an opportunity to play sports, having fun!

Activity for any age

Before visit of the pool in your city do not hesitate to call administration of the pool and to learn about exclusive visits for families, about subscriptions, privileges for large families. Visit by all family of water park will allow everyone to find the entertainment: training in swimming for babies, sports sections for children of advanced age, water aerobics for mothers. It is ideal to go to the pool in the morning in the working day or in the morning on Saturday when it is less people. Learn in the water center or in the municipal pool operating time for visitors. Also be convinced that in the pool there are necessary conditions (the small pool, a recreation area) corresponding to needs of all family.

What to be engaged to family in the pool in

Of course, it is necessary to play with children! These games will be pleasant both small, and big.

  • Hunting behind treasures. A game demands small preparation and good level of swimming. Throw small objects on a dock apron and organize a competition for all family - who will quicker get objects. The one who will bring more objects wins a game!
  • Water relay. If you have a big company, then it is possible to arrange water relay, having broken into teams and competing in swimming speed. It is necessary to hand over a toy. Whose team will finish the first, that also won.
  • Little rescuer: to show to the children how to tow someone in water. Show them necessary movements of the rescuer and ask them to repeat. An interesting way to learn something useful!

It is necessary for visit of the pool

Besides a bathing suit, towels and hats for swimming, are other useful you and your children accessories:

  • Goggles to protect eyes from irritation.
  • Ear earplugs for those who are subject to infections of ears.
  • Oversleeves and aquapoyasa for those who do not swim well yet.
  • Special diapers for babies.
  • Toys for entertainment of kids in the small pool.
  • Snack and bottle of water to restore force during rest.

Some accessories are available in pools free of charge or in a hire. Do not hesitate to address the administrator before buying these objects!

Precautionary measures

Even if your children feel quite at home and want to have fun without you, be careful! Never leave them unguarded! Even if water temperature in the pool rather warm (from 28 to 35 °C), it, nevertheless, is colder than body temperature: try not to be late too long. If one of family members froze, it is time to leave. At last, at an exit from the pool do not forget to dress a headdress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team