How to help the alcoholic?

How to help the alcoholic?

Only the uninitiated person can think that alcohol can present feeling of joy, carelessness, emotional and physical ease, abstractness from daily cares. The more often alcohol is taken, the more there is a mental and physical accustoming, and as a result, alcoholic hard drinkings.

Most heavier it is necessary the alcoholic's relatives because it is necessary to see pain of the loved one. They should think how to help the alcoholic to leave hard drinking.

How to help the alcoholic?

In combination with drugs, consequences of alcoholic intoxication will help to withdraw a set of folk funds quickly. But first of all, it is necessary to think how to help the alcoholic to pull out and what to begin with.

Morning after plentiful libations needs to be begun with a contrast shower. It will give to an organism a necessary tone, will wash away the collected slags from the surface of skin. The hot bathtub in this case is categorically contraindicated as it high will lead water temperatures to big load of heart, increase in blood pressure and damage of a brain.

Plentiful drink needs to be accepted throughout the day. We avoid only intake of strong tea, coffee and various carbonated drinks. Whether it is possible to help the alcoholic by means of kvass and a brine? Yes, of course, but it is necessary to take only natural kvass, vegetable juice and brines. It is necessary to pay attention that the cucumber brine with vinegar should not be accepted inside at all. Walls of a stomach are strongly angry alcohol influence. Vinegar will only aggravate situation, and can provoke an ulcer. Rather weak tea with a lemon, fermented milk products, compotes, mineral water (Yessentuki, Borjomi) will also promote a conclusion of toxins from an organism.

About care it is necessary to approach also meal. It is necessary to begin with low-fat broths, jellied fish or jelly, vegetable salads filled with vegetable oil and fruit. Such food will remove psychological stress, will fill up reserves of vitamins and nutrients in an organism.

The positive spirit in the alcoholic's environment is of great importance. In some separate cases of it it is quite difficult to reach, but relatives and dear people have to help the person to get rid of this addiction. The calming music and favourite movies, fresh air and a cosiness in the house will restore the lost vital forces and interest in life.


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