How to help the child with excess body weight

How to help the child with excess body weight

Excess weight is a problem which everyone endures individually. And if adults still can independently cope with it, then the child, in most cases, needs the help of parents or the qualified specialist

Many parents of children who have problems with excess body weight do not draw of due consideration to this situation. Meanwhile, children can have the severe stress at communication with peers. Yes, it is much simpler to give to the child the next bun or candy and to tell: do not pay attention, you at me the best"", ""those who are teased – such and so on. But the problem is that from it the conflict will not be resolved, and perhaps on the contrary, will accept more serious character. 

Meanwhile, dealt with this problem already in Department of Education, having made the proposal to create separate educational institutions for full children. Of course, the bill failed on the first reading, but the offer indicates problem scales. 

Why scoff at full children?

Children are rather cruel and suspicious. Most often mockeries stand those who are somehow allocated against the background of the others – too thin or full, wears glasses, red, small growth or opposite ""lanky fellow"", excessively constraining and so on. 

Can be exposed to sneers as several people from collective, and one. Usually, the leader in a class appears the most impudent, the others try to follow its example – scoff, think out offensive nicknames and do dirty tricks. But all this self-defense: and how on another? If I defend ""fat man"" and me will instantly write down in losers"". 

If at preschool age children still can share the problems with parents, then school students are more reserved and endure everything in themselves. Therefore parents of many children who regularly suffer indignity from peers can not guess what difficulties their child daily meets even. 

Consequences of mockeries because of excess weight

If the child regularly has a stress because of humiliations concerning weight, then it not only has an adverse effect on its children's self-assessment, but also can affect cardinally for the rest of life, having caused serious mental health problems. The child can become closed or opposite aggressive, the self-assessment will go down. He will take great pain to avoid a meeting with offenders, to pass school, not to leave once again to a board even if he knows material perfectly well. As a result, quite clever child, slides to the three and the two. And the most terrible that is frequent, children who are exposed to sneers from schoolmates resort to a suicide as the unique solution. 

How to parents to understand that their child the derelict?

If frankly the child does not tell about humiliations at school, it is possible to distinguish it on the following signs:

  • The child constantly looks for the reason for the admission of occupations; •   Houses the child prepares material, and as a result brings unsatisfactory assessment; •   The child spends all free time at home, does not go out with the friends, does not invite them home; •   Frequent changes of mood are followed by aggression; •   The child sharply refuses food or on the contrary, strongly "jams" the problems.

How can parents help the child to cope with pressure from schoolmates?

If your child has excess weight and on all signs it has because of it problems, the first that the parent has to make, it to try to bring the child to a sincere conversation. To share the school experiences: if someone from parents had the same problems, to tell about it and about how the way out was found. To tell about the full boy from a class which also successfully overcame all difficulties. Let know to the child that in this problem he is not lonely, and these feelings are familiar to you. 

Do not try to solve a situation independently! The main mistake of very many parents that as soon as they learned about the child's problem, with a veil for rage in the eyes they go to the offender's parents, or is even worse, to the offender! It has completely opposite effect and to your child will add to a standard "zhiromyas" "mother's darling". 

If the child has problems because of completeness, it is necessary to struggle with completeness. In most cases children's obesity is connected with improper feeding. Adjust a diet having excluded all harmful products.

Send the child to sports section. Here the mass of advantages which are not only that the child will lose extra kilos but also that the child at least once the tested taste of a victory, will never forget it and will become more self-assured. 

When to shout SOS! Many children after mockeries of peers, fall into psychological crisis. Here intervention of the experienced expert is necessary. From parents it is required to keep calm and to wait patiently. To wait when the child is ready to leave this state. You should not forbid to approach shouts or scandals the fridge. Now more than ever your child needs your support, and ate pressure will remain also at home, the child can become reserved. 

As an emergency measure it is possible to transfer the child to other school where he will be able to start everything with a clean slate. In most cases change of a situation and collective has positive impact.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team