How to hide from the mother-in-law

How to hide from the mother-in-law

Many mothers-in-law are so attached to the sons that try to control their life after creation of separate family. Especially the situation is aggravated if mother of the husband lives with couple in one apartment.

The mother-in-law interferes with family life - what to do

If mother of the husband tries to control life of the son how he started a separate family, to it it is necessary to talk about a new situation. It is the best of all if the discussion is led by the man, without intervention of the wife. He has to tell mother that he became an adult long ago, itself earns a living and can solve all problems not only in the family, but also help parents. Let the spouse will show that he is ready to responsibility, and there is no sense him to control. Usually, if the mother-in-law the adequate and quiet woman, such conversation is enough. Of course, she will endure a little that its attention was neglected. But in this case on the first place the world in couple, and it is not possible at constant intervention from the outside.

It will be simpler to find a common language with the authoritative mother-in-law that who can pretend to be a little. If to show that you agree with her opinion - she will calm down. But next time will specify again as how to do.

The mother-in-law does not want to make a compromise. How to keep calm in family

In case no talk helps, the mother-in-law continues to come without invitation, causing desire to hide, constantly gives advice, criticizes, it is worth changing style of behavior. First, it is necessary to achieve that without call mother did not come to the son. Here drastic measures will help. Knowing that the mother-in-law can suddenly arrive, it is possible to leave the house. Having appeared before the closed doors, next time she will surely warn about a visit. Secondly, do not allow the mother-in-law to interfere with private life. The it will have less information on your family problems, the less food for reflections will receive her caustic brain. Communicating with the husband's mother, you speak on abstract subjects - about weather, policy, pensions, etc. Do not answer questions of what plans at you that you are going to buy and where to go. The mother-in-law surely will begin to advise variants, optimal according to it.

Following the tastes of the mother-in-law and indulging her in everything it is possible to lose own family. Therefore, choosing style of communication with the husband's mother, it is necessary to place priorities correctly.

If the mother-in-law lives with you, it will be extremely difficult to find a common language. If desired she will interfere with everything - in processes of cooking, education of children, purchases of the new car, etc. Such behavior happens extremely unpleasantly for adult independent people. And to forbid it it cannot almost be done, she feels like the mistress of the situation. An exit in this case only one - to work hard, as seldom as possible appearing at home and to accumulate funds for a separate living space.

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