How to hide treason from the husband

How to hide treason from the husband

Sometimes, that the boredom in the family relations pushes the woman on the vicious, but vzbodryayushchy and inspiring treason to the husband. At the same time she does not want to lose the started family long ago. Therefore the fact of the treason is required to be suppressed carefully from the spouse.


1. Attentively estimate the behavior in the present and before treason. If the difference which is usually shown in happy gloss of eyes, especially carefully thought over clothes set at an exit from the house, a make-up unusual for you or the special flying gait of the woman who is carried away by someone is visible, urgently you extinguish gloss, put on, as usual (but with some sexual chic noticeable only to the lover), you do a make-up already at work or in the car, moderate flight in gait. All these signs can be noticed by the spouse and, at some analytical skills, by him the correct conclusions from your sudden external transformation can be quite drawn.

2. You do not bring any gifts from the beloved to the house categorically. And if to refuse there is no opportunity, then date receiving small, but expensive ringlet, a pendant or a bracelet for day of the birth, celebration on March 8 or other significant holiday at which such here gift can be presented as a gift from colleagues from service.

3. As blind it is possible to register really in studio or a circle on training of drawing up bouquets or art of an ikebana. It in order that once (or the set of times - as is necessary), having come back home from bouquets of divinely beautiful flowers, it was possible to explain quietly to the spouse that this flower magnificence - a part of practical occupation in studio.

4. Do not allow any SMS messages on your phone from the beloved in hours when you can be at home. If it is necessary to communicate surely, think up any code (for example, transfer of the beginning of a practical training in studio can mean change of time of an appointment).

5. Surely designate a name of phone loved in the notebook as some household and insignificant (for example, the electrician of the seventh site or a call on the house of the master of a dry-cleaner of carpets) or a name of allegedly again appeared girlfriend or old school acquaintance.

6. For goings from the house always choose a plausible excuse. It can be a campaign with that school girlfriend on an exhibition of art of weaving of a macrame in the Vologda province at the end of the 19th century or those classes in a circle in drawing up flower bouquets, or a literary soiree of bards of 70-80 years of the last century. That is think out those places of visit which are definitely not interesting to your husband. It is possible to invite for greater confidence him to really some taking place seminar on training in personal growth, where and on a lasso not to drag it. And when he will refuse, with regret in a voice to declare that then you will go from that school acquaintance. For maintenance of the myth you bring with yourself applets, booklets which, having come around previously before an appointment, you can take or buy from organizers of really held event.

7. Always and in any situation be in touch. Even if intercepted breath, all the same take the call, having explained your confusion with an urgent exit for a conversation with dear husband from the hall of holding a seminar, an office for occupations, etc. Do not create at the spouse of doubts in your truthfulness.

8. Do not allow the beloved to leave marks of your general passion on your body (it can be unnoticed by you in the heat of communication the bluish or brown traces from strong kisses called in the people hickeys).

9. Do not refuse to the spouse proximity. Even if you are satisfied by the lover. You do not wish that he suspected wrong! Only do not change in a bed, and that expensive half can have strange thoughts of why it is his dear spouse it is suddenly unnaturally passionate and gentle.

10. Suppress in yourself a fault complex, otherwise he will get the best of your mind sooner or later and will splash out on the head of dear husband all truth about your innocent prank on the party.

11. Never you bring the lover home. Even if the husband a quarter of hour called from foreign countries back, it does not mean that the casual people seeing you together will not be those well-wishers who can report to the spouse about a visit of the strange guest to his absence. Still the option - can be asked money for the silence.

12. Do not visit with the beloved of public places where the mutual family friends or acquaintances can see you. It is better to choose the place of other rank or at all to refuse communication in public.

13. It is not necessary to carry with itself in a handbag or the things of means of barrier contraception which you with the husband do not use. Buy such means in drugstore before the appointment, and remained after communication with the beloved - without regrets throw out in the next garbage container, to you to anything explanations with the spouse who found such surprise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team