How to hint about the offer

How to hint about the offer

Persistent desire fairly become his wife can frighten almost each man. If you were convinced of durability of the feelings and resolved to marry, but are afraid to lose darling because of the persistence, it will be better to hint him that it is time to make offer.


1. Find out what reasons force darling to be silent about a possible wedding. Because if the relations last several years, and the offer from it did not act, so something not this way develops. Often men "train" on some, and marry absolutely others. So quite often occurs at sons of rich parents. The guy has close relations with one girl, and he should marry "the girl from good family". If you with darling belong to different social circles, it is necessary to fight for the relations. And your darling will hardly because they put him in a difficult understand hints. In this situation the simple straight talk is better.

2. Except a factor of family there can be also other reasons – influence of friends, for example. You need to understand what prevents your darling to make the decision. Tell that you have a girlfriend who will not wait for the offer in any way and ask the darling why so can be. People are inclined to try on everything on themselves – and he, most likely, will state you the reasons of own indecision.

3. Prepare its for a conversation about a wedding. For this purpose discuss with it the relations of the man and the woman in family life more often. That is not about meetings, and about everyday life in the responsible marriage registered. Argue on what relations of the husband and wife correct and what – are not present. It is better to discuss examples of acquaintances even if these acquaintances invented. And to tell about how any given young man married contrary to the circumstances similar to its circumstances. Of course, it is impossible to pass to such discussions suddenly and to reduce all your talk only to such conversations. But try to give some time to such preparation every day.

4. As it is banal, but many potential grooms understand hints in shape as if the catalogs of wedding fashion, posts which are accidentally left on a table in blogs about a wedding and jokes about this event on a wall on social networks. Make so that hints on a possible wedding ceremony constantly caught sight to him. Perhaps, and one decisive step is not enough for your darling. And if the man has on you serious plans, he will soon pass from plans to action.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team