How to hint the girl about feelings

How to hint the girl about feelings

As the person wants to be loved and to love. Mutual feelings – it is fine. If you take a liking to the girl, are not silent about it. Shyness, fear to show the feelings, the closeness is not those partners in life who I will make you happy. Understand it and make a step towads to great and light love.


1. For a start be convinced that you do not cause in the girl of negative emotions. If she is ready to you at least neutrally, it is already good. You can obtain this information at your mutual friends. If there are no those – attentively observe her behavior; look how it reacts to your words, actions.

2. First of all, begin a conversation with compliments, pleasant words. Tell the girl that today she looks it is simply delightful. The woman is auditory! Remember that eyes and a smile can tell a lot of things. Therefore from time to time glance at it, throw a smile into its address. You can even touch her hand or a shoulder slightly.

3. Take an interest in its affairs, health. Ask how she spent day. You have to show her the concern. Thus you win over her. Remember that here not the place of impudence and persistence. If you feel that the lady of your heart is strained and is not ready for communication – put off a conversation.

4. Learn about it more information. Unostentatiously ask girlfriends, acquaintances, parents. Specify what sites on the Internet she visits most often. Then, describing the ideal, mention that information which was obtained indirectly. The girl will surely be surprised that your ideal so coincides with her – character, habits, interests and other.

5. If you see that such tactics bears fruits, and the girl at all not against to communicate with you, can accurately hint it about the sympathy. It is pleasant to any person to learn about the originality therefore tell that it differs from others. Surely emphasize those qualities of the girl which are pleasant to you most of all.

6. Having paved the way, you can admit your feelings directly. On this "wave" the girl will treat sympathy favourably. Your chances are success subjects higher, than it is more you are interested in them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team