How to hint the husband about the child

How to hint the husband about the child

After creation of a family nest of the girl begin to think of children, but men not always perceive this invention with pleasure. Therefore it is necessary to approach a conversation about the child smoothly and carefully.

Estimate the feelings. You are sure that you want the child? Do you understand all responsibility and complexity of this process? It is very important that you strongly wanted the kid, then you will be able to convince and infect the spouse with the desire. But if it is caused by pressure of relatives, you will not have enough enthusiasm for this purpose.

Find out about his opinion

Learn its attitude towards children. If before you did not speak about the child, it is necessary to begin from far away, paving the way. Talk about the hypothetical kid, discuss the child of "your girlfriend" or otherwise interweave a children's subject into a conversation. Gradually you find out its relation to replenishment and its fears about it.

If the man is positive to children, it is possible to begin a conversation and about your children. But all this has to look a noncommittal conversation. Ask about his thoughts of the future, plans, dreams, and pass to a subject of children. Whom he wants: the boy or the girl, to what section would like to send the boy, his thoughts of education. Lead that it spilled out desire to play with the kid, to show it the world, to spend time together. At a favorable deal when the man with admiration represents the future paternity, it is possible to report about desire to bring the child. Embrace him, kiss and tell that you want the child from it and you consider that now suitable time.

Discuss doubts and problems

Listen to the man and respect his decision. Even if he will not express joy, it is not necessary to take offense and demand consent. The child will change your lives, and not just to decide on it so spontaneously. In case of refusal ask about the reasons, let reasons. Sometimes men are afraid that the woman will lose interest in the husband because of the child, and there will be no sex any more. Let it know that you will always be careful and attentive to it that your relations will just move to a new level. It is already more difficult to settle financial and housing problems a simple conversation. Often it prevents men to make the decision, on them material expenses lay down, and the kid demands a lot of money to bring up its healthy and developed. In this case discuss solutions to this problem, determine approximate terms, make the plan. Remind that there is no ideal moment, there will always be something not so, but it is not the reason to put life away for later. If the man refuses over and over again, thinking out all new excuses and being covered with finance, it is necessary to bring him to an open conversation. Most likely, the reason in fear of responsibility and diffidence, help it to overcome it. The fair conversation, mutual support and understanding will help to overcome the last doubts.

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