How to hold the first appointment with the guy

How to hold the first appointment with the guy

Each appointment – the event which is very concerning, but the first especially. In many respects depends on it whether there will be further meetings with the guy who was pleasant to you. To avoid the most widespread mistakes, you need to be prepared carefully for this meeting and to hold it at height.


1. Think over and pick up a dress, footwear and accessories. It is not necessary to put on very solemnly if you are, of course, not invited in expensive pathos restaurant. Put on so that it was convenient to you and refuse too high heel. With a make-up do not overdo too – many men do not like abundance of the "plaster" put on a face. They perceive it as desire to hide shortcomings of the appearance. Besides, a large amount of bright decorative cosmetics always adds to you several years, and it to you absolutely to anything.

2. It is not necessary to be late, especially, if you want to make it intentionally. Any more it seems to nobody lovely maiden feature. Modern young people got used to appreciate time and to respect it. Show that you treat with respect that person who made a date with you.

3. Think over subjects for a conversation and try to listen more to the interlocutor at a meeting. First, it will help you to know better it, and, secondly, you thus win over your interlocutor to whom your interest in what he tells you will be pleasant.

4. It is not necessary to try to seem other person and to behave in a manner unusual for you. Affectation will be always noticeable and will make not a really pleasant impression. Also you should not exaggerate the advantages or to lie. If it reveals, then it will be a shame to you, and – it is unpleasant to the guy. Behave frostily, but do not try to seem more considerable and better, than you are actually.

5. Avoid serious subjects and subjects "about anything". Also a talk about the weather bought recently a thing and about the policy or global problems concerning mankind will be equally inappropriate. Try to tell not really much about yourself, the problems and last novels. All this can be not so interpreted therefore stick to neutral subject.

6. Be quiet, weakened and benevolent. Do not carp at his words and react to jokes – facilitate to it communication with you. With you it has to be comfortable and interesting that the guy wanted to meet you once again.

7. The first appointment will allow you to decide on whether you want to meet further. If this is soIf this is soIf this is so, then show it that he interested you and was pleasant, having suggested it to descend somewhere in days. If you understood that you do not suit one another at all, then it is soft, but resolutely let it know it. Act on command of feelings, but listen also to what tells reason.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team