How to hold the first appointments

How to hold the first appointments

The first appointment is always a big problem, both for the girl, and for the young man. What to put on, where to go how to behave to be pleasant. There are simple secrets, knowing which, it is possible to hold the first appointment so that to derive the maximum pleasure from communication with each other.


1. First of all, be defined where you will hold your first meeting. If weather allows, hold an appointment in the open air: go to the park, walk on streets, sit in the square.

2. If the first appointment dropped out for the winter, lead the girl on a skating rink and the snow-covered park – the good place for walk. In advance warn that you will walk on the street that your new acquaintance put on more warmly and do not forget about a cap and gloves. It is not necessary "to fasonit", frozen and with a red nose, you will not look romantically.

3. It is necessary to you more difficultly if on the street there is bad weather. In this case make a date in cafe. Choose an inexpensive, but decent institution. Important and music: music should not muffle your conversation, otherwise it is necessary to talk with voices raised and to listen to each other.

4. At the first appointment be not fond of alcoholic drinks at all. You will frighten off the girl, and there will be already nobody to prove that you drank "for bravery". The same council concerns also girls. Concerns even more than the young man.

5. Further be defined upon what subjects you will touch at the first conversation. Leave "for later" subjects of health and the salary, you do not speak about "former" and do not ask about "last" the girl. Talk about family, study or work, but do not go into details. You speak about yourself less, ask more (but without importunity). Show the sincere interest.

6. Now several words about how it is necessary to behave at the first appointment. Be natural, do not pose as the superman, otherwise difficult it is necessary to you at the next meetings. The image should be supported! And girls do not love boasters. Do not complain. Do not try to shoulder all the problems on the unfamiliar girl. Believe, at her and the problems, for certain, is enough. Do not make long-term plans. You still almost do not know each other. What plans for the future can be? Especially, do not count on sex. Besides, you are almost not familiar.

7. And the last in order that your appointment was in joy, it is not necessary to think over the program of this appointment to trifles. Improvise.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team