How to hold the woman - "Twin"

How to hold the woman - "Twin"

Twin female light on the feet, are original, a little vetrena also are thoughtless and at the same time are simply charming. To hold such woman – as if to hold wind. However if you manage it, be sure: your darling will try to make you really happy, and for certain will succeed in it.


1. Do not allow your beloved to miss! Twins always aspire to something new, interesting, original. Boredom and banality not for representatives of this sign: if you prefer stability and are not capable to give at least sometimes to the lady surprises, she will hardly want to be with you. And if wants, then for certain will try to find adventures and new feelings on the party, without you.

2. Be sociable and light on the feet. The prompt way of life of the Twin female needs to correspond. Learn to support a conversation, to joke, broaden the horizons and do not miss an opportunity to flaunt the knowledge or magnificent sense of humour. The Twin female will hardly like the man who and in the friendly company, and at a party prefers to hide in a corner and to be silent.

3. Become for your beloved everything: her friend, the lover, the beloved, the teacher, the pupil, the assistant, a support in life. You have to try to become for it the whole world, to approach its imagined ideal. By the way, this ideal image should pay special attention: each woman has it the, and universal councils how to become the ideal man, does not happen. Just try to learn what has to be her beloved, and then become him.

4. Be a gentleman and the knight in one person. The Twin female is quite able to stand for herself, but she with pleasure will pretend to be the fragile girl who needs the help of the brave and strong man. It concerns not only such extreme situations when it is necessary to protect health or even the woman's life, but also various trifles. Offer the beloved a hand, help it to put on a fur coat or a coat, gently support her under a hand on walks, move for it a chair. Be moderately gallant and careful: Twin female are able to appreciate such qualities in men.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team