How to humiliate the person morally?

How to humiliate the person morally?

The honor and advantage were always considered as the main and dear human qualities. For the sake of their preservation dueled, were proud of them, stored and preserved as the apple of the eye. In the modern world these concepts receded into the background a little, however to this day are of great value. Not without reason many hurry to use it. All of us perfectly know that it is possible to kill with a word the person. Moral humiliation is some kind of psychological weapon. By means of it it is possible to carry out any manipulations and to force the person to get a huge stress. Sometimes it is a quite good shake-up, and many also even less so deserved such relation. So, what such moral humiliation and what it is eaten with, will be told by this article.

Moral humiliation of the person – in what his essence?

If to address dictionaries, then humiliation is a falling at the person of self-respect in the opinion of people around. It is made for various reasons. For example, for the purpose of education or self-affirmation of the one who makes similar impact. Practically in all cases it is followed by a mental trauma and neurosis of the one who suffered indignity. If to remember the well-known pyramid of needs of Abraham Maslow, then advantage as the human value and need is in respect and public recognition on the fourth, one of the major, level. For this reason, having endured humiliation, the victim of such influence subconsciously tries to avoid it to itself the address in the future. It serves as a fine lesson for those who have high self-esteem, unhealthy the egoism also does not respect opinion of people around.

How it is possible to humiliate the person morally?

Cases of infringement of feeling of honor and advantage most widespread today meet at married couples. To the same extent there are situations when the wife morally humiliates the husband, or on the contrary the husband morally humiliates the spouse. There is no sense to divide so-called tyrants by gender. Humiliation is here way to raise the self-assessment due to decrease that at the partner. Why it occurs? It is all about mentality of the one who influences the half in such unattractive way. It can be internal complexes, children's offenses, feeling of own insolvency, egoism, tiransky character and still a set of the reasons which came from the childhood. Humiliating the partner, such person feels the force. He is kind of rehabilitated at the expense of the victim and finds similarity of feeling of the importance. Actually it speaks about weakness and insolvency from humiliating. And it is important to learn to respond to such attacks towards the person. Same concerns those who are not married, but has available the person whom it would be very desirable to put into place due to humiliation. So, we will review examples how to humiliate the person morally.

Let's begin with the fact that the person can be humiliated, only if to touch him those properties which he defined as humiliating. In other words it is possible to humiliate the person pointing out the defects, external or internal qualities which easily are exposed to criticism. At representatives of two floors these qualities are different. It is important to possess though some information on that person whose dignity you want to tread on.

How morally to humiliate the man?

Here it is necessary to work proceeding from the general ideas of stronger sex per se. What are men proud of? By the force, beauty, muscles and of course belongings to a class of males. That's it on these qualities it is also necessary to press. How it is possible to humiliate the guy morally? Yes it is elementary, to be passed on his fear to be not to the attractive women not wealthy in a bed (all have this fear regardless of age), or at desire to be distinguished from women. Remember that humiliation is that there is lower than the level of a self-assessment. Define what opinion of people about yourself, whom you are going to humiliate. The easiest way is to humiliate by means of a compromising evidence. But it and the most difficult. Anyway, before beginning humiliation, try to know better about the person and his fears. If he is afraid that some information on it is found by people around, then this information and needs to be made. And of course, the more witnesses of your attack on advantage, the feeling of humiliation will be stronger.

How to cause insult to the representative finely a floor?

Same concerns also a question how to humiliate morally the girl. Here it should be added a number of features. It is simpler to humiliate the woman as fears and unpleasant subjects about which practically all in a case with the weaker sex know much more. For example, the excess weight, appearance, the IQ level, the girl's environment can become a reason for humiliation (especially if it is often seen in the company of men).

Regardless of a sex of the humiliated person, it will be much simpler to achieve the objective if that to whom your victim is not indifferent humiliates. Level of an embarrassment and a psychological attack on consciousness will be much more powerful. Also do not forget about such important detail as humour and sarcasm. Such influence will not remain unnoticed by people around. Besides to be mocked publicly, this the worst of all types of humiliations.

As an example as it is possible to humiliate morally an object of your irritation, we represent several phrases:

- Dry up a herbarium!

- Keep silent, the victim of the drunk midwife.

- Oh yes beauty you will not save the world!

- Ciao a peach, ripen!

- Yes you in a bath by a teaspoon could be covered.

- Daaa... Chernobyl avoided not all.

- Correctly you do that you giggle. With such teeth do not laugh

- I would send you and I see you from there

- I bet that you were conceived on a bet.

Similar phrases it is only an easy opportunity to cut the person to the quick. But having understood their essence, you will already know how to humiliate the person morally. Also do not forget the most important - having decided to put the person into place in such rigid way, criminally you risk to be punished by corrective works for a period of up to 6 months or a penalty.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team