How to humiliate without mat

How to humiliate without mat

Sometimes there is a need to humiliate some person who long arose upon it. In this case quite silly to resort to a mat as it will humiliate you rather, but not your offender. But there is a mass of adequate ways to shake a self-assessment of the person unpleasant to you and to humiliate him in the opinion of mutual friends.

Moral superiority is obligatory

The main rule – always you tell the truth. It is heavy to listen to the unpleasant truth. Your offender will not be able to object is reasoned as all your words are truthful, and to snap, shout and fall here into a hysterics – as much as necessary. The mat in this situation will not be also in a half such offensive.

If your offender dismisses gossips behind the back of people, tell about it in the company of mutual friends, especially, if gossips concerned someone from them. Your offender will be ready to sell soul for disappearing from this company.

If the person whom you want to humiliate, emotional is the best of all to humiliate it on public. It will secure you and besides, the effect will be enormous.

Use sore and weak points of your offender. Any person has unpleasant, sensitive issues. Conduct a conversation to them. If it is necessary, make the plan of a conversation in advance. And if you do not be at a loss for a word, improvise.

Practically it is always possible to call the person backward

List his or her shortcomings. Create a situation in which your offender will not be able to get to from you anywhere then bombard him transfer of shortcomings. Especially press shortcomings which disturb public life, work and an inner circle. Do not invent nonexistent, you speak as it is possible more objectively, it humiliates morally. However, even the hint on the fact that the person lags behind in development or is mentally handicapped can touch even the cleverest or bright people. Sexual insults are very humiliating. It is possible to call the man the impotent man, the woman – frigid. It is the best of all to roll similar insults in an ordinary conversation. If you have enough experience and mind, mask them. The veiled insults, unclear to a half of attendees, work gradually, putting a lot of pain. Similar insults for a long time sit at the head and can spoil private life for rather long time.

If you began the company with the purpose to humiliate somebody, do not brake halfway. It can look as if you were frightened or receded, so, can do a lot of harm to your reputation.

Ignore the offender, do not greet at a meeting, pretend that he is not here. Ignoring works for all, especially for people who consider themselves irresistible and soul of the company. And the person is more inclined to hysterics, the similar ignoring will be more unpleasant for him. Play with it in "silence". Do not respond to his or her remarks at all, you do not condescend to the response to insults. Imagine that the victory in this game is very important for you (and this is truethis is truethis is true). Similar tactics seriously wounds self-esteem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team